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Dongfang Electric Corporation cadre training class held in the first phase of group work

  To better implement the central SASAC Party on the latest work of the Organization, further strengthen the organization department and organization of cadres, and continuously improve the scientific level of the organization of the whole group, 24 to 25 November, Dongfang Electric Corporation in the first cadre training period of group work held in the school.

    Group and deputy party secretary,ratchet tie dowm deputy general manager Zhang Lun attend a training course and delivered an important speech, a comprehensive summary of speech made in recent years, group organization effectiveness and organization of the new era under new problems, and the general organization departments at all levels Organization staff to understand the situation, to enhance learning and innovation, and strive to build organizational departments at all levels to become a "learning", booster cables "innovative", "service", "clean type" sector, establish a good working group cadres image. Also requires the majority of group work and cadres should take this course as an opportunity to take the lead in studying General Secretary Hu Jintao, "July" speech, seventh session battery clip of the Sixth Plenary Session and the "National Excellent organization of cadres" deeds of Comrade Li Linsen, fully use of training opportunities, strengthen the exchange of experience between applying their knowledge, careful planning is good for next year's party-building work of the enterprise.

    According to the organization department of the work carried out, training courses recommended East electricity, steam east, east pot, respectively, on the east Partytow rope Organization Department of the competitive selection of mid-level cadres, party theme practice innovation, grassroots network of branches and cadres quantitative assessment of learning party building and learning the content of the exchange floor, the contents of student exchanges between the positive statement,

    Questions, interaction and exchange in the collision and the formation of ideas inspired thinking in order to achieve shared learning, shared communication, common purpose to improve.

    To further strengthen the whole group of cadres of open recruitment and competition level of work, special training courses the Organization Department of the Sichuan Provincial leadership expert examination and assessment center open recruitment for the cadres and the competition of the "talent assessment of modern technology and its applications" for the seminars, recruitment and competition from the public the basic concepts of talent evaluation work of the purpose, function, role and content of the actual operation of such a detailed explanation of the Group continued to promote the reform of personnel system, and continuously improve the cadre selection mechanism has more strong guidance.

    Minister Lin Guangping party working group with the implementation of the Central Organization Department, SAC related party spirit, summed up the last group meeting of the organization has made since its effectiveness, and from further deepen the reform of the cadre system, deepening excel activities, to deepen prospering enterprise and deepen the work of building their own organizational units of the whole group four in 2012 conducted a comprehensive organization of the arrangements.

    Enterprises, organizations, departments and units of specific staff groups a total of all the comrades of the Department of Party work more than 50 people attended the training.

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