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Unsatisfactory performance of new energy vehicle market behind the battery technology

   While our government for the new energy automotive industry issued a series of supporting policies, new energy vehicles in the pilot cities to promote, but market conditions are not satisfactory, the analysis that the new energy automotive battery technology bottleneck restricting the development of new energy vehicle market important factor.

    Currently own-brand car companies in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities of the pilot work has been continued. In April this year, ratchet tie dowm Chery M1 electric car in Shanghai, the official license plate; May, put 20 in Shenzhen BYD E6 electric taxi; June, Yulon Dongfeng Hangzhou Municipal Government delivered to the three pure electric vehicles, as Hangzhou government official vehicles of the model run vehicles.

    Policy-oriented supportbooster cables in the popularity of electric cars, domestic enterprises have increased their own brand of pure electric vehicle for investment, but a pure electric vehicle in the commercial part of the popularity is much higher than passenger cars, and commercial vehicles in popularity and the subsequent problems are relatively simple. In the passenger area, not only is the price of pure electric vehicles and charging issues, product testing and consumer popularity will require a longer time. At present, the new energy automotive battery technology has not really solve the difficulty, mileage is also very short, battery clip it is certain there are many defects in performance, can not meet consumer demand.

    Previously, many industry experts said that if the mileage can not break through the battery life problems, new energy vehicles in the market process is difficult to continue.

    In this regard, Tongji University Automotive College, the National Fuel Cell Vehicle and Power Engineering Technology Research Center Zhuoping the media said that China is considering to encourage large-scale battery leasing business, taking into account the mode of transfer payments or installments, tow rope reducing new energy cost of car use. If you consider the cost of the late charge, the cost of new energy vehicles will be far higher than traditional vehicles.

    However, industry analysts believe that the battery car battery leasing model requires a relatively uniform, for the emphasis on individuality and innovation in the automotive industry does not seem to apply.

    In addition, as early as November 11, Ministry of Science and the lead release "further improve the energy-saving and new energy vehicle demonstration pilot of the notice" (hereinafter referred to as "Notice") "notice" that the pilot cities to improve infrastructure, new energy vehicles and charge shall not be less than the 1:1 ratio of the pile. In this regard, the industry analysts believe that the infrastructure is a long process, and can not quickly change the status of the sale of new energy vehicles.

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