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« Tianwei film photovoltaic "winter" to enterprise soft power construction Debt issuance is not a change in the silicon ring share a strong push »

Tianwei film photovoltaic "winter" to enterprise soft power construction

At present the debt crisis deepens, global photovoltaic market demand rapidly shrinking, pv modules and basic raw materials of polysilicon prices are diving, China photovoltaic industry is experiencing unprecedented "winter".battery clip As a leading enterprise of China film pv baoding tianwei the variable electrical Co., LTD, a subsidiary of film photovoltaic Co., LTD is facing serious situation, but the products in the domestic market share up not down.


As tianwei film successful sign in jiangsu province scenery complementary, shandong province power station project ground photovoltaic power station project total 6 megawatts film pv modules,ratchet tie dowm and delivery in succession, the company since early 2011 so far has been successfully realize the balance of production and sales.

According to introducing, China photovoltaic industry more than 90% of the products sold to Europe, America, by the debt crisis, pv market demand fell sharply. Faced with adverse situation,booster cables this company collected market information, adjust the production and business operation strategy, since this year, companies have to start "140 project" and "never efficiency of reducing the crucial plan", implement purchasing zero inventory system, and determined the "carry quality and cost reduction, and, the market" the management strategy.

"Although the photovoltaic industry is facing many difficulties, but the change of but tianwei photovoltaic industry prospects are full of confidence. In the long run, photovoltaic industry is still a sunrise industry, the 'winter' will enable the industry by industry adjust itself, restore rational development." Chinese soldiers put group assistant to the general manager, tianwei group manager, tianwei the change DingJiang chairman are confident.

Science and technology innovation rivalry soft strength

Monolithic power ascension 10 watts, conversion efficiency increased by 0.8% and 6% higher gross margin, this is the start of the film tianwei recently science and technology innovation "140" plan. In order to further improve film components conversion efficiency, promote power components ascension, and enhance the film component market competition, the company established the "140" plan project team, embarked on film component output power from the 130 W the ascent to 140 W plan.


The group by national "one thousand project" experts, company chief technical officer responsible for dr. MaiYaoHua vice-governor, at the same time, the research and development, technology integration of technical backbone of four a research group, respectively from the top or bottom battery deposition parameters and matching optimization, interface layer technology development and application, white EVA encapsulation materials ascension and application, TCO battery performance optimization before and after four aspects of research, improvement and improve existing production process, and strive to make the film laminated component output power and efficiency of conversion to a new level.

According to information, tianwei film company buys Swiss ping_d_o_o_, kang production line is "turnkey" project, this production line after upgrade from the single "the product components improve for laminated components, upgrade complete initial, amorphous/microcrystalline laminated component monolithic power for 120 watts around the end of this year will reach 130 watts. Domestic and international film product than other manufacturers, 130 watts of component technology content and cost advantage is not obvious.

The company through the thorough research to the market situation and the development of the industry trend, raise timely science and technology innovation "140" plan, through the production line and process improvement and optimization, further improve the quality and coating film uniformity, make components all levels more matching; Through the research transparent conductive oxide film and applied, and to further improve the photoelectric efficiency; By improving the structure of the components of a thin film cells, improve the conversion efficiency; By the use of the new materials improve raw materials localization rate, reduce the production cost. In the second quarter of 2012, will realize single piece of film components from 130 watts of power to 140 watts, higher than other enterprise component product 10%, make the products more technical content, quality more reliable, service life is longer, the production cost is lower, the products more competitive.


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