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Investment in wind power industry in full swing machine tool companies need to seize the opportunity

    As an environmental and green energy industry, China's wind power industry in the country related to the new energy policy incentives under a new round of investment into the peak period,booster cables which is a complete set of machine tool industry, many manufacturers also provide business opportunities.

    Recalling the recent years, for new energy development, China has successively adopted a number of New Deal.battery clip From the "speeding up the revitalization of the State Council on Several Opinions of the equipment manufacturing industry" to "economic and social development in the Tenth Five-Year Plan", to the National Development and Reform Commission,tow rope Ministry of Science's "long-term renewable energy development plan" until the end of 2008 financial crisis, the central introduction of boosting domestic demand, growth of ten measures,ratchet tie dowm are clearly posted on the promotion of positive development of green energy industry signal.

    Rational planning of industrial park construction.

    Response to favorable policies, China's provinces, autonomous regions have made large-scale wind power development plan. At present, construction of the park around the wind power industry trend of rapid growth continues unabated. At the same time, the domestic industry with independent intellectual property rights for the formation of wind power capacity of the system design efforts and has never stopped before.

    Laid the foundation stone of the end of last year wind power technology industrial park in Wuxi, the planning orientation is to produce wind power equipment and related components supporting the production-based, taking into account the R & D capabilities, incubation function, transaction capabilities, experimental features, such as one of the large modern industrial Park. Assigned to the time of foundation of the three projects to determine the total investment 1.7 billion, the estimated annual output of 5.8 billion.

    Tianjin Binhai New Area, the same energy development has become a new hotspot. 2015, the industrial park will become the largest wind power equipment manufacturing base, assembly and shipping center and technical service center, gathered 5 to 10 machine manufacturers, the cumulative market share could reach China as a whole 1 / 3 total sales revenue of up to 1200 billion yuan.

    Yilan County, Heilongjiang Harbin City committed to wind damage into the wind resources, attracting a State Power Longyuan, Datang and Yang Fu billion wind power and other domestic first-class enterprises. According to reports, three family traditions Taiwan power company will add 186 large generators, Yilan County is expected to become the first county in wind power.

    Wind power industry in manufacturing commercial heart hard.

    Spindle is the wind power system needs to process one of the major mechanical parts. Photo taken in Wuxi federation of wind power.

    I have visited Wuxi federation wind power Co., Ltd., the company now has annual production capacity of 50,000 tons of ductile iron production line, to be completed by casting -2.4 MW 1.5 MW wind power equipment major components: wheels, base, beam , bearing 1,500 sets of machinery for the annual processing capacity of 3,000 sets, has been with the Danish Vestas, India's Suzlon, Netherlands, EWT, Japan, Mitsubishi, GE and United States Shanghai Electric Group, China's long-term stable relations of cooperation, to provide wind generator main components of the manufacturing process.

    Currently, the face of the booming wind power accessories market, the federation has also achieved through the acquisition of related businesses for further expansion of wind power industry can be. According to the federation company, is expected to invest 600 million yuan reform, annual production capacity of 100,000 tons at low temperature ductile iron casting production line, 3000 wind power spindle, marine shaft line, 20,000 tons weight up to 250 tons of heavy steel casting production lines and other facilities and strive to build Asia's largest wind power and the world's largest component manufacturers.

    Machine tool industry must seize the opportunity in due course.

    Booming wind power market, to support the machine tool industry provides new opportunities for development. Including related equipment, wind power needs of the processing is the main machine, you need a variety of sophisticated, large CNC, machine tools a complete set. Has been processed in this area most suitable for high-end tools are mostly imported. In recent years, China's machinery manufacturing industry spare parts for the wind power industry, processing, and actively develop proprietary solutions to achieve import substitution.
    Many wind energy system components in size, usually large, multi-face machining facilities.

    At the recent May 11 in Baoji City, the first phase investment of 3.8 billion Qinchuan Group "large development and manufacture of precision castings special project" construction commencement ceremony was held, the project will be mainly for the production of wind turbines and resin used in large-scale machine tool equipment sand cast iron pieces. Currently, stable production volume Qinchuan Group Gestation cast iron, cast iron is quite high-level best-selling brands, among the world's leading wind power equipment supplier companies, the company produces 750kW ~ 1500kW wind power equipment wheels, the base, bearing Block casting surface and internal quality, etc. and so reached the international advanced level, and such products to fill the gaps.

    It is understood that, as early as 2005, the face of machine tool castings market downward trend, Qinchuan Group decided to develop high-performance, high value-added, cross-casting, and wind power equipment components such as the device leaves the main wheels, gears boxes, mechanical bench, base and other components are cast, which originally owned the technology and market advantages in terms of Qinchuan group, very appropriate.

    Can be expected, with the wind power industry continues to mature, the demand for machine tools will be steady growth in China's machine tool industry to promote the further development of the machine tool industry, the rapid increase in turn will bolster the wind power industry comprehensive upgrade.

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