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South China Engineering Science and Technology Forum network UHV technology concern

   December 9 to 10, from the international energy and power sector, universities and research institutes, 17 academicians and 500 experts gathered in Guangzhou, China to participate in field 132 Engineering Technology Forum - Forum and the DC power development transmission of international seminars, Zhou Ji, Chinese Academy of Engineering, attended the meeting, and during and Guangdong Provincial Committee, Acting Governor Zhu Xiaodan talks. ratchet tie dowm State Electricity Regulatory Commission Vice Chairman Wang Ye Ping, Vice Governor of Guangdong Province, Chen Yin, chairman of South China Power Grid, party secretary Zhao Jianguo and other leaders attended the opening ceremony and speeches, booster cables general manager of Zhong Jun, deputy general manager Wang Liangyou attend the meeting.

    During the meeting, said Zhou Ji Zhu Xiaodan, Southern Power Grid HVDC transmission projects related to technology, truly walk in the world, will cause profound changes in related industries.

    The forum's theme is "battery clip ;new energy, new power, new technologies," forums around the new energy and technology, smart grid technology and the development of HVDC technology, to explore how to strengthen the clean energy, renewable energy research, development and applications, promoting China's energy and power of science and technology innovation to achieve sustainable development, so as to promote China's economic and social development pattern.

    Zhao Jianguo said in his speech,tow rope Southern Power Grid Company has issued the "Southern Power Grid to support the new energy development a number of opinions", depth of energy-saving scheduling technology, electric vehicle charging technology for electric, high-capacity battery energy storage technologies, new energy and and micro-network technology research and application.

    He said, "Twelve Five" period, the company will adhere to the scientific concept of development, continue to vigorously implement the strategy of technological innovation and talent thriving enterprise strategy, improve technological innovation and institutional mechanisms to strengthen the ranks of technological innovation, and strive to build business as the main open research combined with technological innovation system, the power of modern information technology and traditional techniques to effectively combined to enhance the grid security and stability, the economy, the level of customer service and energy conservation efforts to build a smart, efficient, reliable and green modern power grid, the service five provinces transformation of economic development, achieve sustainable development.

    Zhao Jianguo expressed the hope that all the leaders and experts to take this opportunity to work on the Southern network technology innovation more valuable advice, are also welcome on issues of common concern, to maintain contact and communication, to seek opportunities for cooperation, common development and progress for the contribution to the field of electrical engineering power.

    It is understood that China Academy of Engineering, Engineering Science and Technology Forum was founded in early 2000, this forum is the first 132 games. This forum is for our young scientists and engineering technology showcase its latest technological achievements to build the technology platform, in the field of engineering science and technology into full play the leading academic, personnel training and other important role, has won widespread praise.

    The Forum large scale, high-level, in order to further promote China's energy and power technology innovation platform for the organization and academic support, access to the Chinese Academy of Engineering leadership and experts highly.

    Commissioned by the Chinese Academy of Engineering, The Electric Power Development Forum by the Chinese Society of Electrical Engineering and Research Institute co-hosted the Southern network.

    Participants in the December 10 tours Southern Power Grid cloud work Chengsui Dong Guang HVDC converter station.

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