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Network marketing companies to enter the upper hand instrument shall not sub-cycle

  At present, China's SMEs in e-commerce penetration has reached a certain level, in the sales and procurement aspects are beginning to use the Internet means. tow rope According to China Internet Network Information Center (hereinafter referred to as CNNIC) latest survey data show that 33.2% of surveyed small and medium enterprises in the past year there had been online marketing activities. As e-commerce more active instrumentation industry, it is important to network marketing as the expansion of market channels.

    Instrument network in China found during the investigation of network marketing, instrumentation industry to promote a variety of ways, including e-commerce platform to promote,battery clip search marketing, QQ and other instant messaging tools to promote the highest penetration rate of the three types internet marketing, were included in the instrumentation industry to promote the top three.

    Although the network marketing as a small investment, quick features, and won most of the instrumentation industry, small and medium enterprises of all ages. booster cables But China Instrument Network in the investigation process found that the majority of businesses use the Internet for marketing or promotion in the process a lot of problems, such as how to choose their own business to promote, how to distinguish the pros and cons of various promotional mode. But the main questions focused on the practical effect of poor network marketing,ratchet tie dowm how to achieve traffic, visits to the orders of transformation is to become the instrument of network marketing companies face common problems.

    Network marketing is a systematic project, create a site to attract users from clicking to attract users to access, and finally reached a deal ... ... and then there are many aspects of the process, the final effect of network marketing is the combined result of all aspects. Only do the various aspects of the work, network marketing can really enhance the final results.

    The survey found that many instrument companies network marketing is not completely no effect, but into a kind of "upper hand no points" of the cycle. Instrumentation for many network marketing companies, the amount of its website visitors, page views have been greatly improved, but for the sale of its final effect is very limited. China Internet Network Information Center, U Thant analyst analysts believe that this situation was mainly due to extensive investment in network marketing, not really attracted to the target population. One of the advantages of network marketing is that we can rely on powerful data analysis capabilities, a more accurate marketing launch. However, there are many SMEs do not have the relevant experience and knowledge of network marketing, network marketing is not a good play to the advantages. They spent the click of precision marketing unit, has attracted a lot of useless traffic, can not effectively contribute to the ultimate sale.

    Second, inadequate levels of Web site operators, affecting traffic to sales conversion. Site is the basis of network marketing, traffic into sales is the key, but many small and medium sites, but there are many problems. SMEs are not specifically responsible for the majority of sites are generally outsourced development, but no follow-up operation and maintenance technicians. In addition, the site features a single majority of SMEs, and the blind pursuit of display, ignore the user experience, such as a large number of animation, great pictures, which gave users access to bring a bad experience. Meanwhile, the lack of support for SMEs to network marketing. At present, most SMEs still need line network marketing approach supporting the completion of orders, some companies supporting part of the convergence line is poor, affecting the order of the reach.

    SME network marketing instrument to mature, there is a very long way. Not only is the company to constantly improve their own capacity, government, industry organizations, marketing service providers also need to play a role, and jointly promote our instrumentation network marketing forward.

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