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Stimulating the domestic market of solar photovoltaic industry is the key

   The rapid development of China's PV industry in recent years become an important force in the international market, start the domestic market has become the industry consensus. Some experts and industry insiders suggest, stimulating domestic demand, the PV industry should not only focus on building large-scale photovoltaic power stations, should also learn from foreign experience in active exploration on the basis of a variety of paths.

    "Wall flower wall incense",ratchet tie dowm the domestic market to be launched

    In recent years,booster cables rapid development of the world's new energy industry, contributed to the rise of China's solar photovoltaic industry, but China's photovoltaic industry, there are also a lot of worries, one of which is export-oriented photovoltaic products, insufficient domestic demand.

    Related statistics show that China's solar cell production over 90% exported, mainly targeted at Germany, Italy, Spain, Greece and other countries.

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    Export-oriented development of our country's PV industry relies heavily on the international market, subject to large fluctuations in foreign demand. Once the big fluctuations in the international market, will affect the healthy development of the whole industry chain. The international financial crisis,tow rope the global PV market there was a great degree of atrophy, makes photovoltaic products China exports declined sharply.

    By the European debt crisis, the European market for the general decline in demand for PV products, making the domestic export enterprises are facing difficulties. According to Chinese export enterprises Suntech PV major power company media relations director Zhang Jianmin, this year has been Suntech's global PV shipments, although steadily, but growth is slowing down compared to previous years, most of them European market was. As a result, the European market share of global shipments declined. The third quarter of this year, the European market shipments accounted for a decline to 40%, compared with the second quarter fell by 13 percentage points.

    Suntech Power's assistant to the president Liu Zhibo said that at present China's PV industry mainly in the foreign market. To change the current status of over-reliance on foreign markets, the key step is to start as soon as China's domestic market. This will not only provide markets for our PV products, you can continue to grow for the industry to build a reliable foundation.

    "All roads lead to Rome" many ways to stimulate domestic demand

    As the world recognized the future of the world's largest PV market, China's domestic PV market has not fully started. Some experts and industry insiders believe that our country should adopt a positive policy measures, "multi-pronged approach" to expand domestic demand of photovoltaic products for the sustainable development of China's PV industry help.

    At present the application of solar photovoltaic products market in addition to large-scale solar photovoltaic power stations, there is a combination of photovoltaic and architecture. It consists of two forms: one is the combination of architecture and photovoltaic systems, the other is a combination of architecture and photovoltaic devices. The former is the direct installation of photovoltaic power generation equipment in the traditional buildings, while the latter is to change the traditional building construction methods, alternative building materials with photovoltaic material, so that the building itself into a new generation body.

    Solar Energy Research Institute, Yunnan Normal University, Professor Liu Zuming that China's huge size of new buildings each year, from now on if there are plans to carry out the work of building-integrated photovoltaic, energy saving for the cause of our country can play a very big role, and after BIPV buildings can be modified through the "green" concept to add value, resulting in more benefits.

    China Renewable Energy Society, Vice Chairman Zhao Yuwen believes that China's current total housing construction area of ??about 500 million square meters, construction area which can be used about 100 million square meters. If 20% of the area installation of solar PV systems, there will be 200,000 megawatts of rooftop photovoltaic resources. Installation of existing buildings can be seen in the solar system, also has broad market prospects.

    Experts believe that China's current stage in the economic well-developed industrial base cities to actively promote a better PV building applications, while actively supporting the development in rural and remote areas away from the comb of photovoltaic power generation system, the implementation of transmission projects to rural areas in the development of new energy at the same time benefit more people.

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