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« Global race for renewable energy development, "awkward" in the United States7 billion wind power market coating enterprise future is not a dream »

Solar energy components import taxes eventually "victim" American consumers

According to the December 2, 6-0 of the vote, the United States international trade commission (USITC) in the ruling mainland China pv industry manufacturers for less than the cost of the price of their product to the American dumping, this means that the trade war has started. Both events no long term, also did not put forward any new methods to resolve. American consumers will become the ultimate victims trade war, the us economy may also be affected. So,ratchet tie dowm American consumers and the American economy will be exactly how serious influence? In addition, the American clean energy industry can indeed from the "double reverse" how much benefit? Today's global two largest economies trade relations and where?

Follow the computer and other high-tech industrial transfer pace, booster cables solar panels and their parts manufacturing capability moved to China. Parity solar equipment league (CASE) will according to the market situation, with unemployment problem to attack SolarWorld and its Allies, unless SolarWorld and its Allies of the United States of photovoltaic industry maker (CASM) in the league to the dispute,battery clip the dispute into transcend together and fair trade law range of events.

In real life, many individuals, groups or enterprise only buy is at least in the United States the assembly product (but these products in most parts of the United States is outside the production).tow rope These consumers are willing to bear for to buy these products and extra cost. But every month of the cost difference becomes more and more difficult to estimate. And if the trade disputes continue to drag on words, the cost difference will continue to expand.

Let's see the, the Chinese government has recently in renewable energy subsidies on tax the decision made. Reuters says, China's national development and reform commission, the development and reform commission) on 30 November says, the Chinese government will with the sale price of electricity to the collection of renewable energy price additional standards, from the current per kilowatt hour of 4 to 8 to rise, the provisions on December 1 st.

The government's objective is in 2020 to of all energy to improve the non-oil energy spending 15%, therefore, more similar provisions in 2012 will be issued.

These policy formulation, together with China for the dumping solar products to all the charges that reaction, the trade war had begun.

China's ministry of commerce on December 3,, in a statement, "the United States and no clear evidence that China's pv industry solar energy components products hurt American goods, but still made this decision." Further statement said, "we think the ruling very ill-judged. The United States did not consider Chinese manufacturers defends the idea, also did not consider the industry against voice, and those who be the American trade protectionism the serious influence to the interests of the beneficiary of the other. And all of these, the Chinese government is considering the earnest."

At the same time, the American domestic policy makers on waste gas tax refused, or some other harmful radiations collection of tax. The U.S. congress is not only the carbon emissions of tolerance pollution, but also allow pollution which trade emissions credits. These actions are no seriously considering national clean energy or renewable energy standard proportion. Only a power tariff, in addition to vermont, Hawaii and Florida cover Brownsville, outside the city grace, all are formulated the power of that subsidy policy is fundamentally fantasies.

Pollution tax bill approved energy there are fifty states, only a few lawmakers opposed the bill. This number can't and governing idea unified China than the government. It is impossible to ignore the fact. If the governor for the solution of the market economy means turn a blind eye, the American clean energy industry and can provide the jobs problem will be in proportion amplification. Renewable energy industry is also subject to short-term or long-term impact.

In addition, from December 7, 2011 published by Washington of the American national policy BBS-renewable energy stage 2 "(the book by the American renewable energy committee ACORE compilation) can be seen in the book," to increase the understanding of the renewable energy market, between the two countries, public or private training co-operation relationship "become the renewable energy cooperation relations concerns.

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