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7 billion wind power market coating enterprise future is not a dream

According to the national development and reform commission energy institute released "Chinese wind development roadmap 2050" shows that by 2020, 2030 and 2050, China's wind power capacity will reach 200 million, respectively in 400 million and 1 billion kw, and then meet respectively 5%, 8%, 17% of the power demand, tow rope wind power will be the one of the five power supply. And as wind power device umbrella anti-corrosion coatings will also meet a new milestone, an estimated 2010-2020 ten years, our wind power coating gap is 130000 tons, that is when the wind power coatings have nearly 7 billion market.

In the huge market of wind power coating at the same time, battery clip we have to for immediate concerns over the status quo. So far, China's wind power coating market, especially the blade coating market almost all rely on imports, China enterprise the share of less than ten percent. In other words, the Chinese paint enterprise will probably lost nearly 7 billion wind power coating market.

Wind power coatings for the developmentbooster cables of the wind power industry to escort

China's wind field is mainly distributed in the dust storms albright cross-bred, wind power system will encounter all kinds of environments of erosion, so device must rely on anti-corrosion coatings to ensure the safe operation of the equipment, prolong the service life of the device, which requires the wind power coatings have the drying speed is fast, resistance to the wind sand impact, paint film strength hard, resistance to wait corrosion resistance of special functions.ratchet tie dowm Wind power coating can be for wind power to escort the rapid development of the industry.

The world TuLiaoYe subordinate to log in, controlling China's wind power market

According to the relevant departments to statistics, 2009-2010, the domestic market demand for wind power coatings in 30000 tons, however the Chinese paint enterprise accounting for the market share of less than 10%, more than 90% of the wind power coating use of foreign products, especially blade coating, almost all rely on imports. The manufacturer of the domestic wind-power blade coating mainly from Mega Italy, Germany Mankiewicz and Germany Bergolin coating enterprise, raw materials are imported products, in foreign production sales, use gel system, strengthen the coating resistance against weathering, corrosion resistance, such as performance, in order to adapt to the Chinese wind field climate characteristics.

China's wind power coating market-coating of enterprise pain

Chinese wind electric power development but years, many years project operation is not long, and wind power coating industry did not make clear the industry standard, lack of industry standard that domestic wind power industry can't easily to try new paint enterprise, paint enterprise lack nerves, market promotion resistance get big. In addition, the Chinese wind power coating has just started, the enterprise product technology still cannot take the step forward. So the numerous coating for the enterprise, China's wind power coatings markets become poor, tasteless, abandon a pity.

7 billion wind power coating market was lost, it is too early to talk

So far, China's wind power coating market share nearly all occupied by foreign enterprises, but does not mean China coating enterprise will lose nearly 7 billion wind power coating market, zhuo and think that there are several reasons, first of all, the domestic enterprise is according to the Chinese paint wind field the environmental features of wind power coating product research and development, and understand more about the wind field geographic features, so coating product can be good to adapt to the cold dry sand blown by wind climate environment. Second, wind energy is our country "1025" planning in the key development project, the state encourages the development of green energy, wind power coating as wind power device related industries also will be further promotion.

And it's important reason is that, with the expansion of wind power market, the corresponding coating of competition between enterprises will be more intense. Foreign coating enterprise high labor costs and to the product price at a disadvantage, so the price be domestic enterprise to enter the market of wind power coating magic weapon. At present domestic enterprise quality to achieve coating for wind power device requests, and products in performance has also transcend the foreign coating enterprise, price and significantly better than foreign enterprise. According to understand the paint protection and construction standard wind farms "has already applied for the project, the national industry standard to help promote the establishment of China's wind power coating the development of the enterprise. To sum up, zhuo and think, in wind power industry developing fast ten years (2010-2020) between, the Chinese enterprise has the strength for the 7 billion wind power coating market, China's wind power coating localization future is not a dream.

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