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The world's three major PV market in 2012 was planted a time bomb

   2011 coming to an end, although this year's PV market is not as stunning as last year's growth, but by virtue of the end of last year, the warmth and installed grab a small orgasm, 2011, various research institutions in the world PV market installed capacity of 21GW to 24GW , the previous year increased by about 30% clearance be thrilling. According to iSuppli's analysis of the data, Italy beat Germany's largest PV market this year. The top three global ratchet tie dowm PV market installed capacity in Italy, Germany,booster cables the United States, their installed capacity, respectively 6.9GW, 5.9GW, 2.7GW, the sum of three to 15.5GW!

    However, in 2012,battery clip photovoltaic companies will face more severe test. On the one hand, stocks are still disappeared, production still released for too long and demand situation will not be reversed, prices will continue downward. On the other hand, the three major markets are the most potential hidden risks, the outlook is unknown.

    Germany at any time "brakes"

    Germany's contribution to the global PV industry is self-evident. In 2010, only Germany, a country's installed capacity of photovoltaic power plant close to 8GW, accounted for half of the world. This year, with the tight fiscal, subsidy reduction, Germany's installed capacity has dropped to 5.9GW, tow rope can still occupy the world market share of nearly 1 / 4. But next year, the German market may be optimistic.

    In Germany, there have been a political force restricting the development of solar energy. To Merkel's Christian Democratic Union party, led by long-term hold on the solar challenge, believing it to enjoy a plethora of subsidies, but did not achieve effective power generation, photovoltaic power plants and that the subsidy is actually no help to the German PV manufacturers , because the Chinese PV products accounted for the vast majority of market share. Germany will implement the installation of ceiling came the news from time to time, from the end of last year, we have politicians that want to implement installation of solar maximum, fortunately did not materialize.

    The past will always come at the end of three successive bad news came.

    First demanding the installation of solar energy subsidies limit the news again, with the redistribution of the German Renewable Energy Act version of the program forecast the emergence of economic decision-makers CDU is currently advocated funding cuts, trying to re-stimulate the maximum installed capacity of PV the study.

    Then the Chinese PV companies are most concerned about happened, "anti-dumping," the lawsuit appeared in Germany, according to China to participate in Intersolar exhibition of the German Federal Parliament 汉斯约瑟夫费尔 said that the EU does not want to take anti-dumping on China measures, but there is a German company has filed anti-dumping proceedings. It was also revealed that the company is in the U.S. before "trouble" of SolarWorld.

    Making matters worse, the German PV companies began to bankruptcy. December 14, Germany's first solar energy companies SolonSE announced that due to not like banks, investors reached an amicable agreement, the company has officially filed for bankruptcy. SolonSE is the first listed German solar manufacturing company. Prior to this, PV companies in China has made good progress in the U.S. market, with a series of three U.S. solar companies bankruptcy, led the United States to spearhead China's PV industry. Once the German PV industry began to shuffle, the German domestic discontent guarantee that will not set off a series of previously hidden problems.

    Therefore, the German market can be expected next year the situation will not optimistic, with a total installed capacity will certainly continue to decline, even in the face of the brakes of the risks.

    Italy has insufficient capacity next year

    Italian market this year brought us a surprise as much as last year in Germany in 2010. But with a series of measures to limit the growth of PV installed capacity by 2012, the Italian market growth will slow. Italian PV Industry Association GIFI chairman, said in an interview ValerioNatalizia, Italy next year's new capacity will be installed between the 3GW to 3.5GW, but still depends on how the market for a new registration system and subsidies made to reflect the government.

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