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Market and productivity pressure pv industry where to go?

Recently, zhejiang Effie live the energy technology Co., LTD. With secretary of wenzhou city go on Beijing consulted the national energy board new and renewable energy department chief of ShiLiShan, listen to them to wenzhou photovoltaic enterprise views and comments.

According to information, wenzhou photovoltaic enterprise has home, by the international market and its own technology, capital constraints, this year, some photovoltaic enterprise in trouble.ratchet tie dowm This situation, ShiLiShan advice: application is the core, wenzhou enterprise of the transformation and upgrade the breach is not only manufacturing, but further explore application market,booster cables from the point of view of the diversification of the energy used to develop new market.

ShiLiShan Suggestions, from the commercial competition's point of view, to enhance the technical level on the advantage. Domestic pv industry by others constraints of the factor is too much,battery clip the independent innovation ability is not enough, wenzhou to in this respect to the results. In the development idea, photoelectric manufacturing base of building is feasible, but light "made" also not line, the key is "in".

"1025" period, the state planning lists the power of millions of kilowatts goal, but still has a lot of difficulties and implement. China pv industry in short is technology lack, tow rope the photovoltaic industry present between trade deficit, our country buy American pv manufacturing equipment and technology in China's exports to the United States than photovoltaic cell number. ShiLiShan points out, the past pv industry has been on the international market, the domestic market is small, short-term inside China's capacity on its own is couldn't digest, pv market to seek the balance of globalization.

Effie live the energy technology Co., LTD. To manufacture photovoltaic inverter is given priority to, products include various types of photovoltaic inverter. And the enterprise pv industry different is, Effie in annual sales growth was born into an asset, the market is good, Effie general manager zhang xiaodong born introduces, this year's sales situation is more impressive, and the fourth quarter years total sales of 100 megawatts (mw) close to, is under the environment of the growth in contrarian photovoltaic enterprise.

Listen to the ShiLiShan suggestion, said zhang xiaodong, Effie born to vigorously develop domestic market. Present situation, Effie has been born and a listed enterprise cooperation, solve the problem of shortage of the funds, next, Effie born to find "roof" project, using a roof space let (pv) power become "application promotion" the foothold.

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