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« Market and productivity pressure pv industry where to go? The national development and reform commission: increase the price difference between punishment electricity prices to carry out strength »

The solar energy company alliance called China enterprise double the investigation to withdraw proposal

By the us house of solar energy company "low-cost solar alliance" (CASE) 20, solar world company letter (SolarWorld), urged the government to take asked the U.S. China lost the solar panels impose punitive tariffs on the proposal. ratchet tie dowm Earlier, the ministry of commerce of China formally filed lose beautiful solar cells (board) for anti-dumping and countervailing investigation, this is China clean energy products in foreign trade relief from the first case investigation.

To raise prices will destroy the whole market

In CASE to SolarWorld chief executive said in a letter,booster cables "SolarWorld seek demanding tariffs will be to the United States and the world solar energy industry cause serious destructive impact, will fundamentally weaken our that years of effort." CASE in the letter also mentioned, just from the point of view of the dollar, the proposal would threaten in 2012 has set up a file in the plan of $11 billion worth of solar power system of the installation, and preparation of the $60 billion worth of equipment installation.

The common CASE founder and chairman of the alliance,battery clip said between 2006 and 2011, the United States solar panels prices fell 40%, that the demand increases 8 times. If the government intervention and artificially increase prices, will destroy the American solar energy market, the loss of thousands of jobs, making energy security is reduced, not to have stable economic cause further negative impact.

This union is also say the tariffs will trigger the collection of between the United States and the China trade war.

Members of the alliance MEMC subsidiary company tow rope vice President SunEdison Kevin lifts de2 si (KevinLapidus), said the alliance also is beginning to persuade the U.S. government, the best way to solve it is peace talks with China.

The investigation could lead to the double double lose

According to the previous media reports, this year in October, led by SolarWorld company seven of America's photovoltaic battery manufacturers to American government put forward an application, from China to the crystal silicon photovoltaic battery products double inverse mention survey, and collect more than 100% of the anti-dumping duties. The United States international trade commission investigation has been filed, the us department of commerce is expected to be in early 2012, will the respectively subsidies and the anti-dumping investigation makes initial ruling.

Previously, of the ministry of commerce of China import and export fair trade chief also said the United States the move could lead "double lose". That the us government adhere to the against protectionism commitment, avoid take relevant measures. The official also stressed that the United States to Chinese solar battery (board) production equipment and raw materials, the amount of exports, far more than the United States since China's imports of solar cells (board) amount, achieve $1.88 billion trade surplus. If Chinese solar battery (board) for the United States to be tax measures products can't continue to exports to the us, certainly will greatly influence the related production equipment and raw materials exports to China, the result is "double lose".

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India to China to photovoltaic industry anti-dumping investigation

In the United States I solar panels to launch the "double reverse" after investigation, India and I solar panels on anti-dumping investigation. It is reported, please note this department has received recent India its domestic solar panels industry to submit originating in China solar panels the anti-dumping investigation application, is expected to a month may anti-dumping investigation.

In the United States a "double reverse" investigation, China is worried about other countries photovoltaic enterprise will then follow up, while India this can say is further confirmed this worry. This is just a start, there will be a new round of expected future global for China's new energy trade protection storm.

But as China's major exports photovoltaic products, when the follow up "double reverse" undoubtedly will give China pv industry bring destruction. Experts say the domestic association and relevant departments are now organization photovoltaic enterprise actively, and European photovoltaic enterprise aspects of communication, try to put on record to reconciliation before. In addition, urged enterprise vigorously exploit the domestic market, alleviate current difficult situation.

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