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China's wind power enterprise fan underwater opportunity

So far, there has not been a German sea wind power projects are interested in the Chinese enterprise financing said. Nelson also said he doubted that China enterprise whether material into the European market sea wind, ratchet tie dowm the latter than land wind power market access barriers and high, the risk and cost much more. "Unless China fan equipment manufacturers takeover market existing participants, for example, is selling the BARD company, or more of the manufacturers."

The origin of the BARD is not small, its founder is a former Russian gas company President Ann GeErTe · beka (ArngoltBekker). In 2003, a fancy to Germany's offshore wind power beka market,booster cables had brought millions of the euro as a seed money came to Germany, BARD engineering company was born. , according to people familiar with the bekaa is able to access into the strict German market,battery clip with the former German chancellor gerhard schroeder is the private relations. In "exclusive economic zone" BARD application to his name to a large area of wind farms-" BARDOffshore1 ", installation plan 80 sets of fans, a total generating capacity of 400 megawatts (mw).

Baka personal ambitions beyond this, he doesn't trust other suppliers, decided to all the BARD to production, from the machine manufacturing to transport ships installation, to the underwater fan base. Front too long,tow rope BARD soon sank into financial difficulties, provide financing to become the new bank shareholders, decided to BARD several branch sold as a whole.

In early November, daewoo shipbuilding and Marine engineering company (DaewooShipbuilding&MarineEngineeringCo.) to the Wall Street journal said, BARD to bid for assets, but had not yet decided is only buy equity or part of the whole company.

According to the reporter understands, at present China guodian combined power to BARD6 megawatts fan units of the technology is very interested in, have several times to Germany. However, the German industry insiders BARD to split the possibility of sale to Chinese companies do not look good.

Day's ocean (TiantaiOffshore) engineering executive director zhao a chance to the Chinese enterprise otherwise views. Zhao shipbuilding engineer background, shipbuilding and Marine engineering in Germany work for more than 20 years, after extended to ocean engineering and offshore wind field, who once worked as a isqa GL representative in China, presided over the foundation of the German labor GL authentication system in China's wind power operation system. He is now back to Germany, as a senior ships and offshore wind power experts, as both sides sea wind power industry related to China enterprise to provide technical advisory services.

Zhao institute says that Europe this round of large-scale sea wind power construction, fan manufacture the piece, China enterprise chances are slim.

The European company as the pioneers, for decades has established a very complete development, quality assurance system, China fan manufacture enterprise price advantage in Germany that this market is not very important, especially offshore wind power, safety and reliability is the most important. But, sea fan base, namely fan underwater part, and fan tower drum, main is a large steel structure, was the Chinese enterprise one of the biggest commercial opportunity.

Zhao is expected to institute, from 2014 construction began peak by 2025, the first batch of finished, only a year in Germany and will need to pile foundation machine to 600 units, and the native Germany each year almost 100 supply to Taiwan, can do only a few home, one of which still belongs to the BARD holdings.

"Now in trying to finding a way, quality, price, delivery time, than to ensure a board, or find China, dhi, nantong rongsheng, and many other domestic enterprises have the strength to do." Zhao said that state-run, has the domestic enterprise in action. In the port of werder Bremen reporter visit that night, zhao after delivering a reporter, and to drive to the airport to meet domestic jiangsu a delegation.

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