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UPS power industry go "green, low carbon" development way

  Along with the development of science and technology economy, energy and environment problem increasingly, also requires the UPS industry to "green, low carbon" development, tow rope however the real green "low carbon" UPS power supply, performance for harmonic current small to electricity from the grid harmonic pollution small, UPS operation of the high efficiency, reduce the consumption.

Low carbon development (or a low carbon economy) is gradually become the global trends in the global scope is widely thought to be the only way for the future development of the mankind. "Copenhagen conference", the Chinese government has promulgated a series of "the low carbon" environmental policies and measures,battery clip in 2010 is to be called "China's low carbon first year". Along with the change of the policy and consumption environment, "green UPS" and "green UPS technology" became the market leader for UPS to strategic highlands, lead-free production, DSP technology, IGBT rectifier technology, APFC technology have been considerable development and use.

The ideal UPS to power should be present pure resistance sex,booster cables that is, UPS the work rate is best factor 1, so it is not the power network any pollution. But the reality is, most of the UPS the widespread use of the low frequency 50 Hz silicon-controlled rectifier, utility to produce a lot of a harmonic feedback pollution. In all users the problem before it is to manage harmonic pollution, like we discharge sewage treatment plant. Harmonic harm caused by the great.

A lot of people in the purchase UPS focus only on the UPS when price comparison, but the running costs of UPS are measured. For example, 1 HP9330C series 80 KVA (64 KW) the efficiency of UPS it for 95%,ratchet tie dowm and a 12 pulse rectifier efficiency was only 88%. In 10 years of UPS life cycle, the HP9330C series UPS saved by electricity 64 (KW) x (95% 88%) x 24 (hours) x 365 (days) x 10 (years) x 1 (yuan/degree) = $392448. Power consumption will be in the form of heat to send out, so that the user and pays for a large amount of electricity for the user air conditioning and refrigeration, and UPS in imperceptible in for the user to save nearly 40 to ten thousand yuan of electricity.

Conclusion: in recent years, the energy and environment protection problems have much attention, energy and environment has become the common topics, UPS produce less harmonic pollution and improve the efficiency of machines not only for environmental protection and energy saving a contribution to the user will also save a lot of electricity, increase the economic benefit, this also is further shows UPS "green, low carbon" is for age.

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