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Sensor market to high-end intelligent transformation

China's sensor has been foreign brand market occupied, domestic brand occupies a place to have difficulties. And domestic brand of sensor manufacturers with low end product mainly most, although our country of industrial automation start later, but its development speed is breathtaking. More and more enterprises to select the "going out", in the face of the fierce competition in the international market, accurate and efficient become the enterprise to produce the necessary condition. Want to realize these will depend on automation technology.

Industrial development is due to high performance driving products, ratchet tie dowm and at the same time, the development of the product to rely on economic and industry situation changes. In recent years, specialized production and manufacturing sensor manufacturers is more and more, we have to admit that, whether from the product function or service quality, with the introduction of the single manufacturer,booster cables users are already do not know how to choose.

Due to the needs of the users increase, bring automation manufacturer challenge is also more and more serious. High precision control and the rapid response services are no longer affiliations,battery clip and turn into the sensor manufacturers to in market competition the essential condition of survival. Such a result of changes and cannot treat as the same, will have advantages and disadvantages in waiting for our two results.

It a: because foreign brand sensor technology is advanced, complete functions, high-end manufacturing without them, the more good development, China's industrial because these products lead to higher mountains.

Second: developing more and more foreign brands, but domestic brand but because the technology is highlighted by market place gradually washed out. The end result is in Chinese market by foreign sensor drowned out in the brand,tow rope the independent innovation in China will be).

Why is there such a situation? As early as in China industrial start, foreign brand of automation products has become increasingly mature, China industry at this time only considering "for" this way, the development as soon as possible a large industrial system. However, with the development of China's industry gradually, has the independent innovation of enterprise slowly rise, with major international brand to a bowl-off dream has become a reality. Choose foreign brand or domestic brand of contradictions are filled with time many enterprises, and even many industries. In high-end products have a "Chinese core" is the Chinese automation people always pursue dreams, but domestic brand there so that people in the dream ended after only choose to give up.

The development trend of intelligent sensor in, this is a fact of life, and the Chinese automation manufacturer in can't restrict foreign brand development and at the same time, can do it only insist on your own beliefs, to the success of the goal!

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