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The research and development of wireless sensor network monitoring programme

Recently, located in Germany Heidelberg of the European telecommunications development and strategic research institute completed the eu research framework plan of the seventh WSAN4CIP research projects, research and development and test based on wireless sensor power and water supply network monitoring solutions.

Key infrastructure is facing more and more hacker attacks and other risks, and how to reduce the risk that the key infrastructure to become more security is a major social challenges, tow rope and the achievement of this goal is one of the key factors for infrastructure monitoring. European research project WSAN4CIP is based on wireless sensor in order to realize the cost benefit, power and water supply system monitoring solutions to improve the key infrastructure protection. Since February 2010, this solution in Portugal respectively energy company EDP and Germany ord river Frankfurt water supply and wastewater treatment Co., LTD successful implementation and test.

The electric power network monitoring in Portugal, battery clip the researchers through the remote control,booster cables active surveillance more safety related parameters, which can quickly and reliably to access to the power supply network fault and its happen position information. Related parameters including circuit breaker tripped coil of status and power transformer oil temperature, as well as in low and medium voltage ratchet tie dowm circuit of the various stages of the activities. All monitoring parameters through the SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) system of a special interface and the graphical user interface to visual.

In addition, the system can also through the infrared camera in low voltage transformer, found the hot, as in the development of the fault detection. If the sensor to measure the transformer substation technology equipment the event of high temperature of words, the alarm will be triggered. If there is an intruder enters substation, camera also will automatically open, the related video and alarm will be sent to the control center.

Aode river water supply system in Frankfurt in application of wireless sensor and actuator network (WSAN) is monitoring infrastructure physical status, including found through the open contact of intruders, and water pressure and flow measurement. In the water pressure suddenly drop, such as water pipes or accidental damage by malicious attack, alarm data will be forwarded immediately to the control center.

In order to improve the wireless network sensors and actuators and robustness of the resistance, WSAN4CIP special project team developed a new and improved transmission agreement. The researchers said this project provides evidence that, in view of the key infrastructure of high level of protection can through a wireless sensor and actuator solution to realize, the implementation of it than cable solutions more easy to realize, faster and more economic.

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