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State grid companies "two" representatives gathered in Beijing

The state grid corporation of the second workers congress and 2012 years work the meeting is scheduled for January 5, 7, ~ the meeting, and more than 400 delegates gathered in Beijing, adviser's, will plan the company and grid the development plan. January 4, delegates attend the meeting the concentration training, and participate in the preparatory meeting.

Participants were divided into 7 a delegationratchet tie dowm , the focus on training for a meeting for units in the delegation. The delegation to perform democratic procedures and elected a new adjustment of the head of the delegation and deputy-heads. Each delegation seriously study the 2011 central economic work conference spirit and the company 2012 "two" relevant requirements and documents, booster cables the company ZhiDaiHui relevant system, etc. The delegates around thoroughly apply the scientific outlook on development, promoting "two changes", strengthen the "three construction", construction intelligent power grid, building strong "three set five" system, construction of "a strong three-excellent" modern company content such as the in-depth discussions, BSFLP is positive.

On that day the company held "two"battery clip caucus in 2011 the company "two" work since 2012 and "two" preparation, change and by-election qualification examination of representatives of the employees of the proposal, and the processing and solicitation work report. The delegates reviewed the presidium of the members and secretary general, assistant secretary-general suggested list, through the meeting agenda.

2012 is the implementation of the "1025" planning a connecting link between the preceding and the important. The company "two" will seriously implement the party's 17 th the sixth plenary session, central economic work conference and the central enterprise controller conference spirit, the implementation of tow rope the scientific outlook on development, the conclusion of the 2011 years of work, deploying 2012 emphases.

The company party attaches great importance to this congress and before the meeting further development investigation and study, has the relevant work group held a forum. All departments and units in 2011 control objective, comprehensive summary work, the thorough search problems and the insufficiency, analysis to analyze the situation facing the challenge and, and put forward the main work in 2012, and the new ideas in the company work puts forward opinions and Suggestions.

The preparatory meeting requirements represents earnestly perform their duties, to complete the meeting the various tasks, to ensure that the congress a success.

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