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Our country electric power inverter characteristics and trend of development

Power inverter characteristics and the trends: from the first inverter production, and then after 30 years continuously research and development and practice, at the same time as the new electronic technology to improve, the function of the frequency converter design more and more perfect, more and more good stability, ratchet tie dowm the cost performance of frequency converter is higher and higher, more and more small volume. The face of market competition, manufacturer of frequency converter for continuous improvement of more perfect.

Inverter is to use the power of semiconductor devices hige role will work frequency power transformation for another frequency of electric power control device, it can realize the exchange of asynchronous motor soft starter, frequency control of motor speed, improve operation precision, change the power factor, booster cables the flow/pressure/overload protection etc. Function.

Motor inverter is to use the role of speed regulation, tow rope and reduce starting current. In order to generate the variable voltage and frequency, the equipment is the first place of alternating current power transformation as a direct current (DC), this process is called rectifier. The direct current (DC) transformation for an alternating current battery clip (AC) device, and the scientific term for "inverter" (inverter). General inverter is the dc power inverter for certain fixed frequency and voltage must be the inverter power supply. As for the inverter frequency adjustable, voltage adjustable inverter we called inverter. Frequency converter of the waveform is simulation sine wave, is mainly used in three-phase asynchronous motor drive with, and that frequency conversion governor. For basically use in instrumentation inspection equipment of the waveform demand higher frequency inverter variable, to the waveform sorting can output the standard sine wave, that the variable frequency power supply. General inverter power converter is the price of 15-20 times. As the important power converter system transformation parts, provide controllable high performance of frequency conversion variable pressure ac power and rapid development.

The merits of the converter performance, want to see the output voltage harmonic wave to the influence of the motor, and second, to see to power of the harmonic pollution and input power factor, third, we need to see itself loss of energy (i.e. efficiency)? Here only to the enormous quantity of wide into-straight-/ inverter as an example, this paper expounds the development trend of it:

Main circuit power switch components from the off, modular, integration, intelligence, switch frequency continuously improve, switch to further reduce loss.

A frequency converter to the nets side of small capacity of the low voltage converter device adopts 6 pulse converters is often, and medium voltage capacity of the device USES multiple more than 12 pulse converters. Load side converter is small capacity of low pressure often adopted two level of the device bridge type inverter, and for medium voltage capacity of device adopts the multilevel inverter. For four quadrant operation of the transmission, to realize the inverter renewable energy to the grid feedback and save energy, nets side converter should be reversible converter, at the same time, the power can be two-way flow in the double PWM converter, on the net side converter to appropriately control can make the input current is close to the sine wave, and to reduce the power of pollution. At present, low and medium voltage inverter have this kind of product.

Pulse width modulation variable pressure transducer control method can use sine pulse width modulation (SPWM) control, eliminate the specified number of harmonic current tracking control PWM control, and voltage space vector control (magnetic chain tracking control). Ac motor frequency adjust control methods are mainly embodied in the progress of the scalar control to high dynamic performance of the vector control and direct torque control development and development speed sensorless vector control and direct torque control systems.

The progress of the microprocessor digital control become the development direction of modern controller: motion control system is fast system, especially the high performance of ac motor control need to store a variety of data and fast real-time with the amount of information. In recent years, foreign companies have been launched by DSP (digital signal processor) as the foundation of the kernel, match with the motor control the peripheral electric circuit, and integrating a single chip called DSP single chip in the motor controller, the price is reduced greatly reduced in size, compact structure, easy to use and reliability. DSP and common than single chip microcomputer, processing digital operation ability enhancement 10 ~ 15 times, to ensure that the system has more superior performance of the controller. Digital control hardware simplified, flexible control of control algorithm has very big flexibility, can realize the complex control laws, make modern control theory in motion control system applied to become a reality, easy and upper system connection for data transmission, facilitate fault diagnosis and strengthen the protection monitoring function, make system intellectualization (such as some inverter has since the adjustment function).

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