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"1025" instruments industry development opportunities

With the expansion of the market demand, and people life the instrumentation industry has developed rapidly, but because technology and innovation and other reasons, tow rope the domestic industry and foreign instrument still has a huge gap, key technology scarce, low level repeat, the stability of the products and get the solution of the basic reliability, high precision instruments in the still rely heavily on imports, import a lot of adverse effects of industry development.

In 2011 the instrument measuring appliance is about to usher 1025,battery clip developing green, new energy to new industry, pay attention to ecological environmental protection is the mainstream trend. Instruments industry as a source of innovation in the development of green a low carbon economy plays an important role. Chinese instruments is strategic new industry in China, and the instrumentation industry in the high-end instruments far behind the other developed countries. So during 1025 nations will pay attention to instruments industry,booster cables will support scientific instruments industry innovation, edit your analysis with domestic instruments industry is in what opportunities in twelve fifth?

1025 period, our country will be giving priority to the development of the scientific instruments independent innovation

Independent research and development is often measure a country's innovation ability of the one of important standard, but now I have used for scientific research equipment serious dependence on imports,ratchet tie dowm in recent years, China's annual trillions of dollars instrument equipment fixed assets investment of 60% of the scientific instruments depends on imports, every year will put 25% funds for the purchase of science instruments, the Chinese market has become multinational instruments to compete for fat.

Scientific instruments is the typical technology intensive strategic industry, and related to material frontier science and technology, national defense and other sensitive areas of great scientific instruments its core technology is not purchased, it also determines the scientific instrument industry is the state's strategic industry. Will science instruments in the independent innovation prominent position forward deployment, to enhance a national science and technology strength, the leading economic development is of great significance. 1025 period, China will take lead and support the development of science and technology science instruments in place prior to the development of independent innovation.

First, the frontier great scientific instruments and equipment.

In a new world in our country will be based on the strategy of the revolution of science and technology, research and development with international leading level of several major scientific equipments, instruments, effective support for our country the world first-class scientific research, unique scientific research, drive the high and new technology industry development.

Second, high-end general scientific instruments and equipment.

Will concentrate the power, the key breakthrough a batch of our country, which relies heavily on import demand, the price of expensive scientific equipments, instruments, conquer some science instruments core technology and key components, drive the important scientific instruments field equipment level ascension, break foreign monopoly.

Third, the conventional general scientific instruments and equipment.

Will strengthen the role of science and technology department as a whole, from the existing each kind of science and technology plan (special, fund) or free money to develop scientific instrument equipment selected, to demonstrate the application, after the implementation of the subsidy way, etc, in order to make domestic high-quality scientific instrument equipment widely used, the market share dramatically, strengthen the scientific instrument industry in our country.

1025 period, China's quality will realize eight innovation breakthrough

In the past 11 period, China's quality energetically carry out science and technology and inspection strategy, significant effectiveness. 2006 in 2010 to in, China's quality system undertakes all kinds of more than 12000 scientific research subject. Among them, cesium atoms fountain clock datum, the quantization hall benchmark and achievements of the resistance, make China time frequency measurement and achieve the world first-class level, the accuracy is the equivalent of 15 million years is not bad a second; Resistance in the metrology area international is in the lead.

Measurement technology: to establish new energy and new materials and nanotechnology, environment, medical and biological safety and food safety and other countries are in urgent need of measuring the standard and traceability system.

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