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Involvement photovoltaic industry upheaval ST bo yuan restructuring die young

Because the underlying asset valuations have considerable differences about, ST bo yuan (600656) led the photovoltaic industry plan was forced to termination.

ST bo yuan announcement today, since 2011, since the fourth quarter, the company assets reorganization of the mark of enterprise JiangXiRui crystal solar technology Co., LTD. By industry fluctuations,tow rope operational performance down, though the parties agree to adjust the asset of mark the transfer price, but cannot agree on a price adjustment range. ST bo yuan xin and Swedish investment Co., LTD, CaiChangChun, xin th embellish the solar energy application Co., LTD consensus terminate the assets reorganization, and sign the "about ending < zhuhai bo yuan investment Co., LTD about JiangXiRui crystal solar technology Co., LTD. Of issuance of shares for the acquisition of assets, battery clip and asset sale agreement > agreement".

According to the September 2011 reorganization plan,booster cables ST bo yuan the original plan to not less than 12.88 yuan per share price issue 145 million shares, buy red crystal technology 100% equity stake. By September 30, 2011 buy assets estimates about $1.87 billion, compared with 2.66 times book assets premium.

However, the photovoltaic industry boom of in the fourth quarter last year but plunged, ST bo yuan in subsequent said in the restructuring of the progress, the company and red crystal technology related party said that at present does not exist may lead to revoke or suspension, restructuring or to restructuring plan to make a substantial change related matters, but, by the recent industry fluctuations, red crystal technology performance dropped; The relevant audit,ratchet tie dowm evaluation work is not yet finished, is expected to finally gets a value evaluation value has fallen.

The change of the capital market is probably ST bo yuan restructuring failed important factor. And cut plans to note assets than valuations, red the crystal technology shareholders shall not accept should be the stock price of the shares with significant "hangs upside down". In the restructuring plan revealed, with industry and the upheaval of the last fall, ST bo yuan newest share price has fallen to $5.34 per share, and only 41% of the price for the shares. In this context, if red crystal technology with the original price subscribe shareholders is still a listed company of its shares, it's obviously not a stroke of the trade.

In the two cities involved photovoltaic industry of great upheaval not ST bo yuan a, last October, * ST far east revealed merger by absorption and the assets reorganization plan cheung shares, ShuLiao after only two weeks, the company was to "recent market environment change" for, announced on restructuring specific plan adjustment.

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