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To do smart and capable du labradors little switch socket don't pass

A "du labradors promotion to record" inspired countless workplace white-collar heart resonance, especially the workplace HR. "Do HR easy? Light-hearted, in fact often personnel, administrative skill to pick, met as responsible for this kind of company labradors decorate and big engineering is the great responsibility, pesters!"tow rope A foreign company personnel director to reporters that miss wang. Yes, the company is not only related to decorate company's face problems, personnel arrangement for the use of fund and problems, more relevant company long-term office colleagues of the comfortable sex, practical,battery clip a detail negligence may become the focus of future colleagues complain.

The HR executive, lack of decorate experience, all kinds of switch socket problem into target

But in fact, many HR or administrative personnel lack the experience of decorate, also just rely on outsourcing decorate team, so is caused extremely easily decorating the details ignored problem, especially the company also appear most minimum switch socket parts. A famous domestic advertising company executive Mr. Liu is met a similar problem: soon after decorating, colleagues began to complain that good individual conference room had not install the system can put telephone conference socket; The rest area coffee machine use socket in order to better use a lot of energy to pull out or insert the plug, return often will take the blue light; The electrical outlet of available in two spacing between small, put the plug of the notebook computer is the difference of many humidifier plugs; The company fluorescent lamp switch is not too sensitive, often have the switch of not go down... This Mr. Liu had to arrange decorate a company to use the weekend to the improvement.

Switch socket experts and leaders bull tip: switch socket planning is one of the key decorate company

As the leading brand of domestic switch socket bull introduction,ratchet tie dowm decorate company switch socket of the number of particularly big, so must make sure good socket the position of switch and quantity, at the same time, also should combine plug, switch the corresponding electric use, consider whether to switch socket equipped with special performance by three major regional speaking, switch socket plan focus each are not identical:

1, Labour, conference room main office area of the switch socket planning

General each station at least two sockets, independent office socket needs to consider the bosses would use some additional appliances, such as fax, telephone conference system, humidifier, coffee machine etc, therefore socket a pack several, and want to distribute uniform and reasonable. And according to the meeting room is the number of conference rooms can accommodate to planning, switch socket quantity, be in commonly 4 to 10 dollars. At the same time, the position of switch and the number is to combine each office area and number to planning.

Special to note is the electrical outlet of such regions use frequency is higher, accordingly, these areas of the service life of the socket must be long, such as the bulls electrical outlet achieve 80000 times long service life and two times as many as in the national standard, And the bulls socket pulled up, are better handle socket, not too close, or send, safety and more strong.

2, the public area switch socket planning
Average company will be in the public area of the area between the announcement set a few water dispenser, that will be a careful assessment of water quantity and circuit; And more public area was such as public printer, put disseminators machine, scanner, shredder office electronics clusters, these regional power socket problem must pay special attention, especially electrical outlet of the distance between the inserted between two is enough big, whether can also insert two big plugs. There is a fax machine this kind of equipment, the proposal can use similar bull lightning protection socket, in case some high-level office buildings in thunderstorms season reels from lightning

3, leisure zone switch socket planning

The scale of the company in usually set some recreational area, or tea breaks area, the area is high-power electric appliance area, so the quality of the switch socket is particularly important,tow rope a inferior socket are likely to result in the company of these big electric paralysis, so as to reduce the staff's working comfort.

The quality of the switch socket can not be ignored, the bulls experts teach administration, HR recruit easily identify the 5 their quality



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