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2011 Seventh China International Coal Equipment and Mine Technical Equipment Exhibition

    Time: June 1, 2011 -3 Venue: Beijing China International Exhibition Center (Old Library).


    ★ Organizers: China Coal Industry Association of Science and Technology of Labor Protection Circulation Association China Machinery and Electronic Products.

    United Association of China Coal urban development.

    ★ Sponsor: Central Place Beijing Exhibition Co., Ltd. ★ joint conference website:

    ★ special unit:

    China Coal Energy Group, China Minmetals Group Datong Coal Mine Group Xinwen Mining Group,booster cables Shenhua Group.

    Huainan Mining Group, Xuzhou,battery clip Huaibei Mining Group Mining Group Mining Group Luan Chalco.

    Sichuan Coal Industry Group of Shaanxi Coal Industry Group of Ningxia Coal Industry Group of China Nonferrous Metals Group iron Coal Group.

    Fujian Coal Industry Group of Zaozhuang Mining Group Fushun Mining Group Yuguang Gold & Lead Group Yunnan Copper.

    Longkou Mining Group Mining Group Jixi Hebi Coal Industry Group Jining Mining Group Yanzhou Mining Group.

    Feicheng Mining Group, tow rope Shanxi Coking Coal Group Zijin Mining Group Mining Group Hegang Kailuan Group.

    ★ Audience Organization: The above in no particular order, because of the limited pages, the unit can not be exhaustively listed invitation, hope forgive me.

    1, ratchet tie dowm the organizers issued relevant documents, send a copy to the provincial government departments, sent around the city, county Bureau of Mines, coal, and coal mine management, mining companies, coal processing enterprises, research institutions, and invited its organizational units will leadership, technical staff, procurement staff to visit and purchase.

    2, invited by the management department of construction, renovation and construction project units and mechanical equipment construction unit to the site visits, talks;

    3, to protect the interests of the majority of exhibitors, the organizing committee set up a professional team, went outside the province, around the city propaganda recommended, and the big in the industry

    Site distribution of small exhibitions and events invitations, the organization invited professional audience; the General Assembly will be nearly one hundred domestic and foreign media, a lot of promotion authority

    4, invited trade promotion system, economic cooperation, organization, foreign trade companies, foreign investment institutions and other foreign tour groups to visit and negotiate purchasing.

    Successful experience in a brilliant performance - The Sixth China International Coal Equipment and Mine Technical Equipment Exhibition review.

    June 3, 2010 in Beijing -5? China International Exhibition Center at the Sixth China International Coal Equipment and Mine Technical Equipment Exhibition, from the United States, Sweden, Britain, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Canada, Australia, Poland, Spain, China and Hong Kong SAR of more than 800 exhibitors. In addition to major manufacturers around the world debut the same stage, contests, there are from the United States, Britain, Germany, Australia, coal mining association or associations to help out. China International Coal Equipment Exhibition was successfully held in the sixth on a scale from the initial 166 exhibitors 4725 square meters of exhibition space, expanded to 816 exhibitors this year, 4.5 million square meters of exhibition space, exhibition spaces in the same Home of China's largest exhibition; from the founder of the beginning, CICEME to choose the path of internationalization. Although at the beginning the road difficult, as the company's attention by CICEME, CICEME gradually expand the scale. CICEME maintained at an annual rate of increase of 30%; became one of the world's top five coal exhibitions. 2011, CICEME will reach 50,000 square meters.

    The exhibition can be described as China's coal mining, equipment procurement, production safety, technology exchange unprecedented grand event.

   ★ schedule:

    Registration & Move: 30-31 May 2011 (9:00-17:00) Opening hours: June 1, 2011 (9:30).

    Exhibition: June 2011 1-3 (9:00-17:00) Closing Date: June 3, 2011 (15:30).

    ★ If you are a supplier of the following products, please scheduled to stand:

    1, coal mining, coal companies, the mining enterprise image exhibition; mining research institutes, colleges and high technologies, new patents achievements exhibition; resource-based cities and regions Coal Project area;

    2, mining equipment and mining machinery: mining \ dig coal, mining machines, boring machines, excavators, coal mining complete sets of equipment, loaders, hydraulic frame, post, prestressed equipment, anchor, emulsion pump and hose , mining machinery parts, the impact of drilling equipment, drill bits and carbide equipment, loading and transportation equipment, shovels, mining automation equipment, mining and metallurgy, and storage equipment, filling machinery charge;

    3, processing and powder processing equipment: crushing machine, screening machine, separation, crushing and screening plants, sand washing machines, chopped pulp, efficient thickener, mill, ball mill, grinding stripping machine, drying machine, mixing machines, grinding machines, grinding column machine, grinding machine, filter, flotation machine, centrifuge, calcining equipment, granulating equipment, weighing equipment, laboratory equipment and coal chemical equipment;

    4, coal processing and mining equipment, technology and energy technology, energy and environmental technology and equipment such as: coal washing, cleaning, storage, processing and conversion technologies and equipment; coal liquefaction technology and equipment; coal gangue, coal processing and utilization technology and equipment; coal testing technology and equipment; mine environmental protection, comprehensive utilization of coal resources, technology and equipment, coal agent;

    5, infrastructure construction and upgrading technology and equipment, transportation equipment: drilling equipment, drilling equipment, mining pumps, wire rope, compressor, car rigs, anchor trolley, concrete jet, mining equipment and enhance the comprehensive protection devices, enhance the container, connected devices, anti-dropping device, sports protective devices, chain, roller, belt conveyor, fire-retardant conveyor belt, scraper, loader, scraper, excavator, dump truck and other non-rail equipment and rail transportation equipment ; mine winch, tramcar, mining tires, heavy-duty mining vehicles and transport a variety of electronic weighing equipment.

    6, coal mine safety, video surveillance, labor protection, mine rescue and disaster prevention equipment such as: high and low voltage inverter, a variety of mining equipment and explosion-proof electrical, gas alarm equipment, ventilation fans and test equipment, wire rope and wire rope detectors, mine locomotive transportation monitoring systems, mine sensors, respiratory protective equipment, mine escape / self-rescue equipment, rescue equipment, communications equipment, television monitoring equipment, mine safety monitoring system, mine information management system, in addition to (lower) dust equipment, Underground coal mine drainage pipe network, mine cooling facilities, noise protection equipment, underground lighting, safety signs, protective clothing, safety testing, monitoring, monitoring technology and equipment, fire warning system, fire fighting equipment, tools, fire engines, fire fighting equipment, ventilation, drainage and other aspects of technical equipment.

    7, electrical and mechanical equipment and geological survey equipment: all kinds of power equipment (diesel, gasoline), generators, motors, reducer, air compressor, nitrogen, oxygen and other compressed separation equipment, mobile power stations, coal power facilities , mining flame-retardant cables, explosion-proof motor, mining pumps, theodolite, level, range finder, prospecting machine, drilling machine, GPS positioning systems;

    8, mine electrical, power supply, fire-retardant wire and cable and other equipment and general machinery equipment (transmission, air compressor, reducer, bearings, etc.), coal combustible, toxic, hazardous gas detection facilities; environmental protection equipment, mine rigging, automatic management of coal mines, mining explosion-proof flame-retardant cables and wires, batteries, Trolley mining and related electrical equipment, motor vehicles, mining-related vehicles, engineering machinery, mining and other advisory services;

    9, coal coking, gasification, liquefaction and coal bed methane, gas mining pumping, use and comprehensive management of waste, the use of technical equipment;

    10, mine information automation equipment: capital settlement system, fixed asset management system, medical insurance management system, housing management systems, production monitoring and enterprise security monitoring integrated MIS integration; all kinds of mining robots.

    11, mine emergency rescue equipment: monitoring and early warning, warning, prevention equipment; rescue tools and machinery; rescue aids and equipment; personal protective and rescue equipment; rescue medical equipment medicines; rescue communications equipment; rescue vehicles; rescue training equipment.

    ★ Technical Communication: During the exhibition, the exhibition organizing committee will assist domestic and foreign exhibitors in the Pavilion conference room several technical exchange seminars, the content determined by enterprises, 60-80 audience each person invited by the enterprises themselves, the group Committee assisting in the organization, and in March 28, 2011 to lecture topics, the main content and the Organizing Committee the names of speakers. Technology exchange seminar sessions is limited, reported that at least until 45 minutes per lecture, costs 8,800 yuan / field.

    ★ Fees: 1, Standard booth 9m2 (3m × 3m); configuration: exhibition venues, three display panels (high 2.5m), one in English and fascia board, one table, two chairs, carpet, 220V power outlet one, two spotlights. (Note: Two open booths, plus 20%).

    Hall A, booth Domestic: ¥ 12800 yuan / 9m2B District: ¥ 10800 yuan / 9m2C District: ¥ 8800 yuan / 9m2.

    International Museum of standard booth: ¥ 30000 yuan / 9m2 joint ventures: ¥ 18000 yuan / 9m2 foreign: ¥ 30000 yuan / 9m2.

    2, light to (not less than 36m2 rents); configuration: exhibition venues, security services, public liability insurance, without any facilities.

    China Pavilion Indoor (36m2 accrue): ¥ 1200 yuan / m2 International Museum Indoor (36m2 accrue): ¥ 3200 yuan / m2

    Outdoor light to (36m2 accrue): ¥ 900 yuan / m2 foreign (36m2 accrue): ¥ 3200 yuan / m2.

    Indicate: This exhibition offers a variety of sponsorship programs, operators and suppliers to provide more opportunities for participation, which can maximize the effective advocacy; If you are interested businesses, please request participation in the Organizing Committee rules.

    Conference fee: 800 yuan for each representative participation (for the opening dinner, conference materials, lunch, souvenirs, etc.).

    ★ Conference Proceedings: In order to meet the exhibitors during the exhibition publicity and to customers that exhibitors and after that contact can communicate with the organizing committee will publish official catalog carefully, size: 210mm × 285mm. Conference Proceedings and other advertising charges.

    Back Cover Inside Front Cover / Front Cover Philippines / color pages within the Philippines after the cross-page black and white color inside.

    20,000 yuan 16,000 yuan 10,000 yuan 8,000 yuan 5,000 yuan 8,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan.

    Visit Volume: 8000 RMB / 30,000 badges: 20,000 / 30,000 bags: 30,000 / 6,000.

    Strap: 50,000 / 30,000 (other advertising available on request.)

    Note: Due to the limited advertising, advertising costs to be paid in full once to arrange the order of payment.

    Organizing Committee Address: Beijing Shijingshan District, Beijing backtrack Hua Yue Long Building 7, Room 1118, Postal Code: 100043.

    Phone :010 -68683076.

    Fax :010 -68631368.

    Contact: Zhao 13681228721.


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