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In view of the Japan nuclear disaster nuclear power can survive for long

About a year ago, the attention of the world focused on Japan: huge tsunami swept across the land, and to destroy all the meeting "barrier", including nuclear power plant. The world was shocked speechless, many residents in Japan but also witnessed life was completely devastated.

If think earthquake and tsunami will make nuclear power dried up,ratchet tie dowm that is wrong. A few days ago, the U.S. nuclear regulatory commission (NRC) have given approval to the southern power company to build two new nuclear reactors. Previously, there already stand two built a nuclear reactor.

The U.S. energy minister accompanied said, has decided to add 2 million mw nuclear power installed capacity, this marks a "the nuclear recovery" start, this also is for the first time since 1978 new construction. He said: "we want to see more nuclear reactor, but depends on the ground each region of the United States choice, the choice of investors and electric power company, and the regulation as well as the choice of the organization."

Now in the United States, there are 104 nuclear reactors supplies 20% of the nation's electricity. The utilization rate of these nuclear reactor for world most, has more than 90%. In addition, plus nuclear reactor fuel uranium supply never seems to dry up, and a large number of advocates claimed that nuclear power than popular now, based on fossil fuel gas combined cycle power more cheaply and reliable.

If no accident, the south power company two to new nuclear reactor will be in 2016 or 2017 began to power. Of course, a few critics also, among them with environmental protection organization headed.booster cables Some people even have to Washington's appeal court, request to terminate the southern power company nuclear program.

They put forward the reasons for this, including the construction of nuclear power plants and overtime overruns. The southern power company tenet in punching machine two existing nuclear reactor with about 15 years to build complete and overruns of $8 billion. The two new nuclear reactors is won a $8.3 billion loan guarantee, this makes those who has seen the cost overruns before the people worried.

And of course people worry, happened in Japan fukushima whether nuclear accident will happen in the United States: backup cooling system failure cause lack of fuel rods of the blast, and nuclear reactor core happen melting, caused the deadly radiation material overflow.

Therefore, the storage of radioactive waste problems become nuclear power on the road of advance a barrier. Last year the government once put Obama cancelled in Nevada especially new giants yucca mountain repository fuel permanent plan, but for a variety of reasons, but still can only temporary lack of fuel in the ground in concrete facilities.

"In view of the Japan nuclear disaster,battery clip we should stop American nuclear power plants, new plan." The blue ridge environmental coalition of Lou · CaiLe said, "but aggressive electric power industry and the idea of the NRC stuff seems to go forward, and ignore the danger signal." Despite the NRC President gorbachev gray abdulaziz socor standing at jerry environmental group side, but to build two new nuclear reactors decision or in the voting for the 4-1.

It is estimated that in general tenet of two new nuclear reactors eventually will cost $14 billion. Including $6 billion from the south will take power company, the rest will come from to the company and its partners to provide the loan guarantees. The southern power clients of the company at present investment of 2%, and in the next five years will pay each year 1% of the costs, so that the project to get the necessary funds.

So fair? Generally speaking, the southeastern United States, ready to put nuclear power as its economic development tools and stable source of energy. But at the same time, because of the collapse of the Solyndra solar energy company that the $535 million of loans a boondoggle, which causes the loan guarantee in recent months has decreased significantly trend.

Nuclear power advocates counter that, nuclear reactor use fixed number of year can be up to 30 years, the loan guarantee is only for the start of the project, and financial market will attracted and began to investment. At the same time, the NRC is strengthening the safety measures to make sure that all of its nuclear facilities can "resist natural disasters", and has the power to prevent spare the reactor core melting.

The U.S. energy minister accompanied said: "find feasible method to solve the problem of nuclear waste storage security, this is we in support of this important industry and should do one of the most important things." For this, he appointed a blue ribbon commission. The committee said it is urgent to need to find a permanent storage of nuclear waste; At the same time, must have more temporary storage place to meet the needs of the temporarily.


The current situation of how? In addition to the southern power company, but also will have company, the state's south Carolina electric company may soon get the approval of the NRC,tow rope to build two new a capacity for 2 million mw nuclear reactor. In contrast, NRG energy company is out of the Texas a deal, the reason is related to the Japanese nuclear accidents and capital spending.

This highlights the differences of the uncertainty of the nuclear power industry is faced. No doubt, that Japan f island nuclear crisis has left an indelible scars, to the southern power company action has been overshadowed. But if the company can according to the schedule and the budget plan, in can change to the bad ideas and improve the value of the nuclear facilities. Now, a lot of nuclear facilities are close to full load operation of the state to, and have long been appear very reliable.

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