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General electric intelligent power grid solutions to accelerate cloud computing

The general electric company (hereinafter referred to as GE) smart grid innovation center (GridIQ) recently made two win, not only released led the positive signals the GE, also revealed 2012 years of two important to: first, the focus to offer based on cloud of hosting service transfer; Second, the many big alligator is locked in the eyes of rural electricity cooperatives and municipal utilities body, ready to open the next round of the deal.

Hosting service take root
Although we often associate based on cloud service as the future trend of development,ratchet tie dowm but in fact, most of the major suppliers had to make a firm commitment to promote this solid strategy.

Based on cloud service, good understanding, that is set up by a group of smart grid suppliers central applications, utility companies through the pay rent to customize services. Suppliers will applications and data placed on the website, for public utility companies click download and use. This hosting services have at least four key advantage:

· lower personnel cost, less disputes. Only a few large utility companies made a budget, know how to recruitment, training and management of the top IT talents, so as to provide the application level of advanced program strong support.
· improved security. Supplier relatively have more resources and experience, can ensure that applications meet the most strict safety requirements.
· expanding. Utility companies can always start small application, and add a new program.
· lower the cost of capital. Suppliers account of the server to buy, the personnel,booster cables the cost of hiring and software installation, utility companies pay rental only can.

In the future we hope to choose this service supplier of small utility companies can reach the number of dozens or even hundreds of, with the steady growth of regular income, eventually form the economies of scale.

Municipal utility companies and the rural power first cooperatives
Smart grid as a service to the popular gradually, municipal utilities and rural power cooperatives can say that ACTS as a early leader. The reason is not difficult to understand, first of all, small utility companies did not have enough IT resources to install and run the new internal procedures. In addition, municipal utilities and rural power cooperatives reduced the cost of capital in more persistent. In contrast, private power companies have little interest in, they only want to through intelligent power grid will join the benchmark rate service method to take back the cost of capital.

GE pledge forward
GE energy strive in the emerging digital son hold position in the industry. The company will create a set of applications are incorporated into the "smart grid innovation center: solutions that service" column, including advanced measuring system, geographic information system, power distribution management, power grid reactive voltage optimization, blackouts, management, asset management system, and so on. GE energy for the electric power company digital provides three options: 1) competent data and applications; 2) only management data; 3) in the utility companies own computer application program execution.

Which kind of used the most popular? GE general motors intelligent power grid solutions of the department of MikeCarlson think advanced measuring system is a piece of "open", also is the current hot spot. GE found the blue ocean, is to provide users with energy management tools. Power outage management application to the needs of The Times. battery clipCarlson looking forward to the future distribution management system and asset management system can also increasing popularity.

Carlson also forecasts, municipal utilities and rural power cooperatives will become the first target of service company. Recently in the southeastern United States, Florida, Georgia, Knox the fort, win is a good explanation.

Knox, Georgia
Knox, announced in November, will customize GE grid target = "_blank" > smart grid innovation center launch of the service, so as to get installed smart meters, are paid in advance and into the online customer portal and other services. Knox city 25000 a electric power customer monthly just pay an extra $1 can enjoy advanced measuring system, power distribution management system, the energy management and power management, etc. This agreement is signed by Georgia ElectricCities company takes the lead, ElectricCities company is responsible for the members of the public utilities solutions for monitoring and evaluation.

Knox in urban renewal and regional economic development have reputation, but the Georgia ElectricCities companies hope to the rest of the state's main cities also can sign the agreement.

The fort, Florida
In the fort,, GE offers advanced meters, electric meter data management and demand response service, etc. And in Knox, GE is responsible for the management and maintenance of the data center application. Liss fort will continue for master data and management program operation.

In March 2012, liss fort will also begin to 24000 clients installed smart meters. Residents will be in the second half of 2012 for new services, such as home energy monitoring, prepayment power and so on. In addition, 4000 customers will also install energy management system, so they can rush in c programming, control air conditioning and the operation of the water heater.

The fort, one of the main goal is to reduce the energy consumption of the peak time. Therefore, advanced measuring system, electric meter data management system, demand response system and customer portal are important points. But the fort, project also covers the prepayment right and voltage reactive voltage optimization. The project by the U.S. department of energy of the $10 million fund.

We think that all the main supply chamber of commerce pay more and more attention to hosting service. They may initially to small and medium-sized city utility companies and the rural power cooperatives as the main object of service, when the effect after confirmed, they will provide large municipal utility companies and private power companies promote the business, and according to the customer's hosting package to expand its services.

A likely outcome is: utility companies may be in one or two years after unexpectedly finds himself has now in a variety of applications include the "shop". Ideal conditions, gradually the white-hot competition between suppliers and the growing scale economy will spawn more choice, and the price down.

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