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Aluminum alloy copper cable beyond cable ratio of wide prospect of market

China's aluminum alloy cable market development is slow, the most important reason is the production process and backward in technology, after a period of time, can't make aluminum alloy copper cable to the same electrical properties. After the rapid development in recent years, domestic enterprise research and development of the cable strength and production capacity has been greatly ascend. To JinYi huier cables, as a representative of the enterprise after years of technical research, in the aluminum alloy on cable access to a wide breakthrough, and through the national multiple departments authoritative attestation.

In pure aluminum by joining rare earth, iron and other materials, ratchet tie dowmthrough the latest tight stranded inner pressure technology, in the section area increased only 1.1 times, under the premise of make the closure of aluminium alloy cable identical even better than traditional copper cable. Facing different use environment and construction requirements, JinYi huier also targeted the development of products: ZC-TC90 (40), ZB-ACWU90 (40), ZA-AC90 (40), so as to realize safe, stable and enduring power transmission. Compared with copper cable, booster cablesJinYi huier aluminum alloy cable price mainly in three aspects. One is a price advantage, the price of the raw material the aluminum far lower than copper, even if in the process of production of rare earth and other precious materials added, but the total cost is still less than copper wire around 40%. For large projects, it will be able to save a huge cable purchasing cost; The second is the same construction site cable usage.

According to GB/T12706 copper when installation of the provisions of the bending radius, copper cable of the bending radius is 10 to 20 times the diameter of cable, aluminum alloy is minimum bending radius of cable seven times the diameter of cable, aluminum alloy cable in different environments installation avoid more loss. And aluminum alloy cable light in weight, in the large span of installation can reduce bridge, more easy to installation, installation costs lower; The third was long service life. Aluminum alloy body of cable in contact with air will immediately form the density of oxide layer, tow ropethe oxidation layer of special tolerance all forms of corrosion, plus cable of the outsourcing of silane crosslinking gather polythene insulation materials, the service life of the cable itself than copper wire extended for 10 years.

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