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Wind power experts interview series four: security is fan development premise

In recent years, the wind generator fault frequency, and a rising trend. So wind power equipment manufacturing exactly what are the leads to the safety of the wind affected? How to solve? The electricity the supervisor will release "about strengthening wind power of the security of the opinion" (hereafter referred to as the opinion ") to ensure the safety of wind power equipment put forward which requirements? Wind power equipment manufacturing enterprise how to implement these requirements? With these problems, the reporter interviews with the present the largest wind power technology equipment r&d and manufacturing enterprise--xinjiang golden technology Co., LTD HouYuHan marketing director.

Reporter: in recent years wind accident frequency, ratchet tie dowmthe wind power equipment manufacturing in what aspects of the shortcomings of the influence of the unit safety?

HouYuHan: from a major accident happened in recent years industry of the case to see, influence wind power equipment safety mainly have so few aspects: first is the wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises to the target area fan manufacture wind resources, especially climate environment analyze and evaluate insufficient. So the opinion "points out, the sea, island, coastal areas should pay attention to the design wind farms differentiation, improve the wind generator typhoon, anticorrosion ability. Second is the device itself to fan operation condition analysis does not reach the designated position. Fan in the outdoor equipment operation, in some extreme cold and heat temperature difference in up to 80 degrees Celsius, this to the wind power equipment design put forward higher request. People stop and downtime loss to the unit, much of serious accidents are fan when emergency stop rubbing pads spark, and together with has oil leakage or other equipment fire prevention design not perfect cause. So "opinions" clearly put in, the enlargement of the cabin equipment and power cable should use fire prevention design, USES the flame retardant materials, improving the wind generator fire prevention ability. This requirement is very necessary. Wind power equipment each parts need in operation of keep refining. And the wind power industry in China in recent years the high-speed development, many equipment from abroad the model enterprise imported technology to digest absorb, if did not accumulate enough operation experience, and quality control of equipment parts are not perfect, so the product quality risk may into square magnified. And some equipment for parts design enterprise lack of safety test base, such equipment is hard to guarantee its quality.

Reporter: wind power equipment manufacturing enterprise how to do to make up for these disadvantages?

HouYuHan: enterprise to solve these the lack of security, the first to strengthen self-discipline and management, fundamentally is to make independent research and development ability, improve product quality in the first place. Some successful from the enterprise experience, one is to do research work environment. Because China's wind resources situation, the difference is very big thing north and south, emphasize to analyze the different characteristics of the resources.battery clip 2 it is should strengthen technical reserves, carry out full international cooperation. Three is to products inspection, wind power enterprise should establish their own experimental platform, to ensure that equipment before they leave the factory in through various experimental conditions certification, ensure the safety of products and stability. Four is the enterprise to ensure that every wind power equipment parts quality.

So enterprise need to train suppliers and to ensure parts suppliers technology is also constantly adjust, the only way to ensure safety and stability of the unit.

Reporter: the "opinion" on wind power grid security management, wind power dispatching management, wind farms are proposed operation management requirements, wind power equipment manufacturing how to meet these requirements?

HouYuHan: now power grid corporation for fan access, grid has related technical requirements, such as active and reactive adjustment control, power grid frequency voltage fluctuation of the unit when adaptability, low voltage across, scheduling communication etc. Want to realize these technical requirements, can rely on wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises to improve the independent research and development capacity, and to have the wind farms are put into operation technical renovation, the new factory equipment technical design well, so that we can guarantee the requirements of the technical standards, and then meet wind power grid security management, wind power dispatching management, wind power operation management requirements. Now ZhangBeiYou China electrical science court test base, many firms in ZhangBei do test, is in order to make the devices to meet safety, schedule management, between the wind turbine operation management needs.

Reporter: "opinions" point out: "wind power enterprise must strengthen the design (consulting) units and wind power equipment, strict management of the tender design review, due to the decline in the quality in low equipment." How do you think of this problem? Wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises from the standpoint of, how to avoid the appearance of the problem?

HouYuHan: the wind power equipment vendors do exist in the low price competition. And the situation is really need strict scrutiny, as blind will make the enterprise compression low costs, which affect the quality of the equipment, bring security hidden danger. To avoid wind power equipment manufacturers low price competition, need to make purchasing standard management measures fan. Our country of hydropower and thermal power of the bidding of the fixed standard, but these applications in wind power is not entirely appropriate. How to evaluate real product quality to be present fan, this is the low-cost competitors regardless of quality into market left room. The second is the wind power equipment quality assessment has not publicly transparent mechanism. This also for the decline in the quality and low price to influence security buried the set.

How to avoid the appearance of this kind of phenomenon? First should establish wind power equipment operation evaluation mechanism. Second is the quality problem of disclosure. Once again is to adjust to the wind generator industry to purchase the bid assessment, performance and service in the first place. Wind power equipment once had a guarantee period, most of the operation cost, replacement cost, serious accident parts capacity by customers for their losses,tow rope equipment manufacturers warranty period is simply ensure trouble-free, or to really give customers constantly create the value of ascension, of the two different localization decision a totally different development route. Only in the long-term development of the enterprise, and for customers and industry spirit of responsibility to great extent avoid low price competition of unsafe factors bring.

Reporter: "opinions" point out: "wind power enterprise and wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises equipment procurement contract signed should be clear requirements wind power equipment manufacturing enterprise to manufacture causes of equipment safe hidden trouble, timely regulation." How do you see the article this opinion?

HouYuHan: equipment problems need to change in the industry have no dispute, but may appear this kind of circumstance, it is equipment manufacturing enterprise down the cost and reduce quality, but to ensure that the products with quality assurance period not a problem. Once out of warranty, again accident when we're and manufacturing enterprises to confirm or division responsibility, if not equipment manufacturers take full responsibility, the owner will have significant loss. The other is the responsibility of the main safety accident happened after bad judgement. Like lightning, the current measure of the strength of lightning technology is not enough precision, unable to determine what is within the scope of the contract or the contract scope of the strength, this would lead to in the execution of the contract in accordance with the evidence can be traced. At present it is wind power industry abroad with parts to determine the responsibility of the main failure rate, the probability of responsibility to track. But our country has no unified standard for probability value. This in the next contract needs to be considered.

Reporter: "opinions" requirement wind power equipment manufacturing enterprises to provide wind generator protection set parameters and electric simulation model and so on material; Open the setting of the parameters in nets protection authority. How do you see the wind power equipment manufacturers of the parameters of the present situation of open not positive?

HouYuHan: fan parameters of design belongs to the core, its set in relation to the safe and stable operation of the grid, but also related to the safety operation of the unit itself.

Wind power equipment in public enterprise at present not positive parameters, is mainly because most of our country at present the core technology of the fan from foreign direct introduction, mastery of core technology of each different, open these information, still need to improve enterprise digest and their own research and development ability. Open in nets protection equipment set authorization and provide the necessary fan parameters is grid security needs, the electric grid short circuit, tide, stability calculation of the related to parameters, such as the generator, variable flow of some parameters, the device impedance cardiography, etc. Fan detail parameters is the commercial secret, fully open have the potential to cause a secret. How to coordinate the contradiction, not only satisfy the grid security needs, and ensure the wind power equipment enterprise business secret, need the concrete research, make a feasible fan parameters management approach.


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