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Valve is installed and put into operation a few points to be noticed

    1 is very commonly used in industrial production and control equipment of particular importance, it is working properly is directly related to the production of the device properly or not. Now, with advances in technology, manufacturers and form a very diverse,booster cables different functions, the following highlights the various types of installation and put into operation in the former should pay attention to common problems.

    2 tests before installation of the stock purchase inspection is a very important part,battery clip to confirm the arrival of whether to meet the design requirements. Each of the technical requirements should meet the design requirements,tow rope but in the incoming inspection should be focused on checking following several contents.

    2.1 body / trim size of this element include: valve type, valve type, nominal diameter, ratchet tie dowm valve seat size, spool type, flow characteristics, leakage levels, body material, valve material, seat material, CV, flange sealing surface of the standard form of class size and so on, as long as the same as that which does not match the content and design approval of the design should be identified and recognized.

    2.2 The contents of the main part of the implementing agencies should check the executive agency model, type, function form, spring range, gas pressure.

    2.3 Part Locator locator check the contents of the main input signal, air pressure, electric and gas source interface size and explosion-proof rating, proof of which shall not be less than the design grade level requirements.

    2.4 Annex require careful design based on clean-up the accessories such as filters, valve position switch,, hand wheel, special tools. The content of the above tests can clean up, measuring instruments, view the plate as well as specific testing methods (such as flanges and bolts used to identify materials by spectral analysis) and other methods to achieve.

    3, the hydraulic test pressure test valve, including the pressure test and spool valve fully closed when the leak test. Typically, when the design pressure of more than 10MPa, the valve pressure test must be carried out to test the valve cover on the valve itself and the pressure situation.

    3.1 pressure test should pay attention to the problem.

    (1) valve pressure test carried out by hand test pump pressure test, prohibited the use of electric test pump.

    (2) test medium for clean water.

    (3) test of the design pressure of 1.25 times.

    (4) The pressure test gauge should be used to verify compliance with an accuracy not lower than 1.5, the scale should be the upper limit for the test pressure of 1.5 to 2 times.

    (5) gas valve during the valve opening pressure test valve to open at least 20% of the opening, it must be borne in mind in order to prevent excessive pressure spool unilateral damage. Typically the spool is to allow a certain amount of leakage, according to the difference between leakage level, generally only required for high differential pressure (V, VI level leakage) for leak testing.
    3.2 The leak test should pay attention to the problem

    (1) valve pressure test carried out by hand test pump pressure test, prohibited the use of electric test pump (VI grade pneumatic valve leak test).

    (2) test medium for clean water (VI level leakage of the valve with clean air).

    (3) The test pressure for the valve leakage level design work, the maximum differential pressure (see the design parameters).

    (4) The pressure test gauge should be used to verify compliance with an accuracy not lower than 1.5, the scale maximum test pressure is 1.5 to 2 times.

    4 newly installed single adjustment should be carried out before the installation of pneumatic single adjustment. Adjust the performance to be achieved: Basic Error: ± 1.5% return error: 1.5% dead band: 0.6% today and ends with a section of the valve and electrical positioning device manufacturers are many different functions, tend to electrical valve positioner the intelligent, specific adjustments are different, not repeat them here. 5, the installation of the installation should pay attention to key issues, good or bad quality of the installation is directly related to the commissioning and performance.

    Installation process should pay attention to the following questions:

    (1) the installation, you must carefully remove the valve in the dust accumulated during storage, during the installation process should be kept clean. Because of the dust and impurities within the seat will be damaged. In order to protect clean, usually the opening day not welded end flanges mounted on the cover.

    (2) installation arrow on the body should be consistent with the medium flow.

    (3) is a precision component, if they are deformed by the stress of pipeline will be disruption of normal work. Therefore, the vertical flange and pipe installation and location should be accurate to avoid deformation of the pipe. Wells and the pipeline should be properly supported to prevent it from occurring in the valve deformation under the weight.

    (4) and pipe welding must be particularly careful. If inadequate attention to pipe welding, not to eliminate stress, will be deformation. Welding, welding slag must be strictly avoided flying into the valve, the presence of welding slag detrimental to the performance, if the splash splashed directly on the spool, ranging from direct impact of the action, heavy damage to the valve and seat.

    (5) Pipeline pressure and blowing the trial, should be removed, with the corresponding straight pipe connected to prevent the welding slag, iron cutting and other debris stuck in between the spool and the valve seat. Remove the application of the open flange end securely wrapped plastic sheeting. 6 After the linkage test in the installed devices must be linked before the test drive.

    Linkage test should focus on the following:

    (1) linkage test must undergo a rigorous process pipeline before the purge and qualified, non-purge is not qualified to install the pipeline because the pipeline residues such as welding slag, dust and other hard debris can damage the spool and the valve seat seal surface.

    (2) should be checked before linked the two ends of the valve with a pressure test should not be blind or block.

    (3) with hand wheel, the hand wheel should be in the "release" position. Check whether the supply pressure of the gas supply requirements. 7 Conclusion In the industrial automation instruments in the installation process, installation and commissioning the most complex and difficult and the most prone to problems. Throughout the process, the instrument of professional expertise should be coordinated with the pipeline, mutual support and close cooperation, reflecting the timely resolution of problems in a timely manner, in strict accordance with the requirements, according to operating procedures, the only way to ensure the smooth installation of quality and put into operation to ensure quality the smooth progress of the entire installation project and the smooth operation of industrial installations.

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