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Datang telecom and schneider electric signed the strategic cooperative agreement

Recently, datang telecom technology Co., LTD and schneider electric information technology (China) Co., LTD. In Beijing signed a strategic cooperation agreement, both parties officially a strategic partnership between common faces the domestic telecommunication operation, government, finance, industry informatization, etc, to provide users with the green, efficient and sustainable development of the products and solutions.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the information industry, is driving technology, industry and application integration constantly. In mobile Internet, content online, cloud computing, large data centers, etc, as a representative of the emerging technology, is to people's production and life bring depth change. The green, efficient, ratchet tie dowmthe idea of the sustainable development gradually thorough popular feeling.

Not long ago "issued by the national electronic information industry" 1025 "development planning, points out, in" 1025 "period, to in strategic emerging field development, the industrial innovation development, green sustainable development in the higher level of development. To believe that with the electronic information "1025 plan of implementation of the landing, new industry technology will face more vast opportunities and market space.

Comply with the state information manufacturing strategy development trend, as domestic with independent intellectual property rights of the information industry backbone enterprise, datang telecom is surround networking, mobile Internet, three nets fusion, facing the government, industry, and operators, individual clients such as extension and expansion application and service. As the leading "global energy efficiency management expert," schneider electric to more than 100 the country's energy and infrastructure, industry, data centers and network, provide market of energy saving and efficiency increasing overall solutions, and part of the China's three gorges project, west-east gas transmission, the south-to-north water diversion project, battery clipthe 2008 Olympic Games and the important projects.

Datang telecom and schneider electric since last September beginning cooperation talks since, constant communication, cooperation in a series of projects, and increase the mutual trust, strengthen the cooperation of both sides in the information field based, and can effectively enhance the market competitiveness.

Signing ceremony, datang telecom chairman, President, CaoBin says, "in recent years, datang telecom is gradually realize from providing a single product to provide total solutions, actively promote the transformation from a single innovation to the system innovation transformation. Perfect, effective and sustainable development of the information technology solutions will be datang telecom of strategic development basis points and direction. Hope that through this strategy, add to both sides signed in the information industry fields, and for content online, cloud computing and other emerging industry construction, provide more green, efficient solutions and products for national sustainable development of two fusion,tow rope and make due contribution."

Schneider electric, a subsidiary of APC greater China region ChenHong said President huang, "China's data center market developing rapidly, cloud computing base and super large data centers in the national blossom everywhere. Schneider electric industry has the most comprehensive data center overall solutions, telecom, finance, government for customers and the industry, IT etc of all sizes of small and medium-sized enterprise users from the earlier planning, design, implementation, product and solution and the operation and maintenance, service covering data center the whole life cycle integration solutions. Datang telecom whether in industry and market, or the enterprise market, all has the extensive customers; the cooperation will promote the development of the industry of China's data center, let more customers can really do make good use of its effect, can enjoy its, let the basic national policy of energy conservation and emissions reduction of further the heart."

According to information, according to the datang telecom and schneider electric signed a strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will for domestic telecommunication operation and government, finance and other information construction field, together to expand the market, to provide the green, efficient and sustainable development solutions and products. The strategic cooperation agreement is signed, will further promote domestic information field green, efficient and sustainable development of the building mode.

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