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Nuclear power from any supplement to "the lost one year"

March, from the "two" to just closing of Seoul nuclear security summit, from domestic to international calls social response, "restart nuclear power" signal has been more and more intense. Japan f island nuclear accidents have in the past year, the Seoul summit, in the world, including China main nuclear power countries again to nuclear power safety assessment; This year, China will "safe and effective nuclear power development" was written into the government work report; From the CPPCC source says, our country are hustling to nuclear safety rules and nuclear power medium and long term development plan...... adjust A year after "pause", when a new round of nuclear power development coming, and our country related industry can start again, and where to recover "the lost one year"?

Restart signal
Recent about nuclear power are expected to melting ice in the news comes after CPPCC.

On March 4, the Chinese people's political consultative conference 11 th five conference news conference, spokesman ZhaoQiZheng said, China is currently in the hustling to nuclear safety rules and nuclear power medium and long term development plan adjustment. Then, the state council premier wen jiabao report on the work of the government proposed in the safe and effective development of nuclear power. As energy consumers, this is the first time China will "booster cablessafe and effective nuclear power development" was written into the government work report.

The Seoul summit on nuclear security, nuclear facilities and nuclear energy problems by the world countries again attention, China put forward at the summit "stick to the scientific rational nuclear safety concept, enhance nuclear energy development confidence" claim. Analysts believe that this is targeted formulation, 2011 Japan f island nuclear leak after the accident, the people of the world to nuclear security concern and worry unprecedented, some countries announced it will abandon its nuclear, nuclear energy development prospects overshadowed. But the past year due to nuclear power development setback, face the world energy strain, energy conservation and environmental protection in joint problems, appear more overwhelmed.ratchet tie dowm Analysts pointed out that, in this case, put forward the scientific rational treatment nuclear energy development, with strong practical significance.

In fact, from 2011 in the second half of the year, the global nuclear power voice from "one-sided" has been against to "rational view", "recovery" cry. First is that countries have announced on their own nuclear power facilities complete inspection, general claims "safe". In October 2011, Britain and France to Japan released fukushima nuclear power station final report of the accident, will be built more secure new nuclear power station on the agenda. November Russian state atomic energy company out further "ambition", the plan over the next 20 years to gain international nuclear plant construction at least 20% of the market share. In December, the European Union council, the European parliament and the European Union committee agreed to, in the next two years for international fusion ShiYanDui plan for 1.3 billion euros, the plan participants including the European Union, China, the us, Japan, South Korea, India and Russia, project is expected to cost 12.8 billion euros ($).

In Asia, f island nuclear power directly impact accident,tow rope Japan is unbearable. This week, Tokyo electric power company cut kashiwazaki plume nuclear power station unit six stop power generation, into the regular inspection stage, accounts for about 30% of the Japanese power supply plants, and in May this year plans to all stop power generation. The expected, this summer peak comes, Japan will face more severe than the big earthquake of power failures test. Nuclear power loss after, Japan's power resources in short supply, can only through the thermal power temporary patch gap, however thermal power need to import a lot of oil and natural gas, the electric power company your fuel has soared, costs on to downstream, residents, enterprise electricity has soared.

See the plight of Japan, South Korea, Vietnam,ratchet tie dowm and other Asian neighbors recently start nuclear plant construction plan, the south Korean government said the future of the national electricity demand will be 40% by nuclear power to meet. South Korean media announced a few days ago, the south Korean won the total size of $20 billion in Vietnam, unit six 5 nuclear power plant construction project priority right to negotiations. The international atomic energy agency says, by 2030, the number of new nuclear power plants in the world will be 90 seats to 350 seats between, nuclear power use will still keep growth, but growth than earlier predicted will decrease, and the Asian region will be main growth momentum.

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