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General electric appliance business will stepwise regression native American

According to the Japanese economic news, general electric company plans to the domestic household appliances business inject $1 billion, in order to realize the return of the native American home appliance business management strategy shift, for general electric lay a good foundation for the future development of, the next step, will expand in louisville, Kentucky home appliance factory, hundreds more workers. The American general electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt, (Jeffrey Immelt) said,ratchet tie dowm "this is never had the high-risk investment".

The report says, at the moment, the emerging countries improve labor costs, the United States manufacturing enterprise of overseas strategic cost also increases accordingly, in this kind of environment, many manufacturing enterprise, began by trying to return to the native American business strategy. In the past two years, the American domestic factory employment increased by about 420000 to 9000 people, among them, general electric new employs about 10000 3500. General electric top said the company return home appliance business mainly for the following three consideration, one is building new high efficiency production system can effectively reduce the production waste of resources, and the second is can take new and old staff differentiation, booster cablesthe reasonable level of working distribution system, three can be achieved the U.S. government $17 million of auxiliary financial support. Gm CEO immelt said, "I will devote ourselves to the program, which is currently the only commitment on the outside of my".

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