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« Nuclear power from any supplement to "the lost one year"

The king plan: eastern electric doesn't have the whole appears on the market conditions

The National People's Congress, and China Eastern electric group company chairman king when accepting a reporter to interview program, said the company 70% assets concentrated in the listed company, the remaining assets due to some does not have the listing conditions, so eastern electric whole appears on the market conditions also do not have.

By Japanese nuclear leakage influence,booster cables as in the three largest electric power equipment manufacture enterprise of China, one of the eastern electric group last year in nuclear power equipment manufacturing orders is not quite well. "In 2011 we all stop to the original track project......." The king said project, in contrast, in the nuclear world market under the background of the downturn, it is the foreign market increased some orders.

It is worth noting that, the king has revealed plans, in nuclear power project in the process of suspended in the east, electrical, Harbin electrical, Shanghai electric signed a letter the state department says, if nuclear power project time is too long, nuclear power in China of the equipment manufacturing industry storage talent team, investment, technology advantage would lose.

"The future of the nuclear power industry safety is the first, the industry would accept more strict management system, more strict quality management, more strict technical transformation, ratchet tie dowmwe all have to update the psychological preparation, but need to continue to go forward, this is must choose." The king said the plan.

For the next step scholars from renmin the reform direction, king said project, scholars from renmin should not with the "great" as the first elements, and the "strong" battery clipas the first elements. The central enterprise still need to continue to do the job was to hand FuYe surviving asset stripping, able to transfer to the society of social as far as possible transfer, "according to the" world class "standard, it must be FuYe peels away, its outstanding."


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