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« General electric appliance business will stepwise regression native American Electric instrument industry is one of the highest GuoChanLv industry »

Modular terminal industry application analysed

Shanghai united the electrical terminals as a professional manufacturer, about the combined information terminals are presented here, modular terminal blocks including wear plate, wires, break points and multilayer terminals.

Pick up the bottom principles of mechanical, the vibration prevention design ensure that the products are long-term leak-tight joints and finished products use reliability. Socket ends can add assembly ears, assembly ear in the very great degree of protection can pick up and can prevent meet arrange pieces position not beautiful, ratchet tie dowmat the same time, this socket design can ensure outlet can be correctly inserted into the matrix. Socket can also have assemble buckle a lock and a button. Assembly buckle a can play more firmly fixed to the PCB board, lock button can be a after the installation is completed the matrix and the wall outlet.

All kinds of electrical outlet design can match different maternal insert method, for example: horizontal, vertical, or tilt to the printed circuit board, etc, and may, according to the demand of the customers choose different ways. Can choose metric wire gage also can choose standard wire gage, is currently on the market is the terminal type sell like hot cakes.

Modular terminal is through the PIT without tools to create a can. Directly USES the straight insert technology, use the cross section of as high as 6 mm square, have good can be inserted sex. A variety of combined-type terminals widely used in every field of electric equipment, electric power, petroleum chemical industry, automatic control,booster cables machinery, ship, railway transportation, communication,tow rope building automation, etc.

Shanghai united the electric, dedicated to the medium and high-grade terminals manufacturing and sales, ten years to always insist, product line covers box type line pressing terminals, plate type line pressing terminals, spring type line pressing terminals and circuit board terminal etc various types, dozens of series of thousands of specifications. And in "promoting national brand" of the enterprise strategic idea, is to ensure the high quality of the union terminal of the source, the person is like this, so products, the united striving in Shanghai, rooted in the pudong lujiazui, ten years of perseverance, watching the Chinese electrical industry pace.

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