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The far east medium voltage power cables successful completion of the aluminum alloy trial

Recently, the far east cable Co., LTD power cable r&d increases the research and development dynamics, the thorough every department to work, in product process innovation to yield the substantial result.

Because foreign box ground machine and set the mold supplier to provide ground machine and technology and the far east cable production line has the big difference, existing in the production of inconvenience, ratchet tie dowmpower cable r&d organization related personnel for research, and actively cooperate with XinYuanDong cable Co., LTD crosslinking three factory box ground machine, plate ground machine commissioning work, according to the characteristics of the foreign machine with your own technology, etc, and the actual situation, the design drawings,booster cables manufacture of moulds, successful manufacture was the 1600 partition conductor, including resistivity, roundness of the degree of indexes accord with national and the enterprise standard. The research and development department is currently design was the 3000 partition and mold processing technology conductor.

At the same time, the research and development department work with related departments, adjust the machine configuration, optimizing the operation system, from the machine speed, the longest running time machine, abrupt stop fault the place such as the undertook improvement. Improve the results more in line with the actual situation of the far east cable, which saves the cost, the optimization process, more improve efficiency.

Recently, the far east power cable r&battery clipd department also successful completion of the aluminum alloy medium voltage power cables trial, sampling measurement are meet or exceed the national standards.

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