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« The far east medium voltage power cables successful completion of the aluminum alloy trial According to the cause of the electrical wire and cable fire fire prevention countermeasures »

Cable industry unspoken rules "tyrannize"

The products within three into

Percent of pass is only 25.9%. This is the last year "March 15", liaoning province of liaoning in industrial and commercial bureau announces market cable selective examination results, product percent of less than 3 become, really shocked the industry! This year, however "March 15", Qingdao exposure 2011 annual unqualified commodity, also have several cable enterprise on "HeiBang", including omega, belden, such as manka list.

Improve the quality of cable, has reached the point of it.

Remember four years ago, the electric China "reporter in Shanghai interview with Shanghai electric cable research institute original manager GaoQingGuo, mentions the cable quality not from cent say when he shook his head: thousands of home production enterprise, pass confounding, regulatory difficulty imagine; Three years ago,ratchet tie dowm reporter with a well-known in jiangsu cable company manager chat, talk about the company, also talked about the market, seat he is full of helpless: in this market, when can we will product quality be ready? Two years ago, the reporter to see the old total, he said more severe situation; One year ago, the reporter to fujian, research, a cable company dong secret asked the reporter: in "gray competition", you think cable market where to go? This year, when a reporter and industry insiders again talked about cable industry, criticism from speech, few words of praise.

According to the work of letter published in 2011 documents show: in the machinery industry the breakdown of the industry, electric wire and cable manufacturing output value of electrical appliances industry scale a quarter, is an electrical appliances industry after auto manufacturing industry's second big industry. Our country electric wire and cable industry overall size, output and growth speed has for many years in the world's first... However, the dazzling digital,booster cables but could not hide people to this industry disappointment of idea.

Cable industry the prevailing hidden rules

According to the incomplete statistics, by the end of 2011, our country electric wire and cable, fiber optic cable and electrical equipment manufacturing industry enterprise as high as many 4000, homogeneity of the competition result it can be imagined.

"In order to get the benefits of the maximization of enterprise, some with waste cable processing line, the core of poor conductor materials, mixed with the raw material of reclaimed rubber production cable skin... so that the quality of products to ensure that how?" In the interview, the reporter often can hear similar views.

Cable is known as the national economy "blood" and "nerve", however, when the "blood" and "nerves" problems, it is not difficult to imagine the whole running and will appear what circumstance?

"Cable manufacturing industry admittance threshold is low, the people out of the door always put the cable manufacturing industry profit virtualization, one-sided think cable industry technical content is not high, and less investment, high profits, quick effect, then piled into the market, blind investment and complete saturated, the whole industry into disorder competition. So in order to rob limited market, all price, go shopping in a low price competition, the way of the cable is lost as a result of the interests of the industry." A inconvenience named insiders told the electric China "reporter.

Especially a few years ago, two big power grid companies are in the implementation of the low price, enterprise for to get orders had to "open" the lowest price, but in order to sustain the business operation, had to fudge for raw materials, has some enterprise even use aluminum and copper, the product performance greatly reduced.

The sources told reporters: "however when a certain place in the fire, after the event, the final conclusion check reason most is illegal operation, human accident, but little imagine insulation performance is poor cable is caused extremely easily fire, but then cable has been burned to ashes, nature also can't to decide."

It is because of that there are lucky psychology, many cable manufacturing enterprise in the process control not strictly the quality problem of the trigger occur frequently.

"Electric wire and cable products is unqualified, largely the result of the enterprise did not to know, standard system production process flow. Cable, for example, in the process of insulation insulation thickness, average, or the most thin point thickness not qualified, sheath average thickness can not reach the standard requirements, partial core wait for a phenomenon." He said.

In addition to product quality problem is important to the enterprise also become the industry a cut corners as adults is known unspoken rules. In recent years, heavy metal prices, the businesses in order to guarantee profits, have to purchase raw material in fluctuation full time, the main raw materials for copper cable, in recent years, copper prices range from $25000 per ton soar to 80000 yuan, is breathtaking, so some enterprise to cable do a "thin body", the product performance natural is lower than the national standard.

His blunt way: "now, middle and small enterprise product quality volatile, part of the enterprise to perform product quality responsibility consciousness is not strong, jerry, counterfeit dishonest and quality such as illegal phenomenon is more outstanding. More excessive is, sometimes these phenomenon also appears in annual sales income over yuan in the big enterprise."

The tragedy of excess capacity

Reporter investigating in understanding arrives, existing problem and the industry excess capacity are inseparable. China electrical equipment industry association in a 2010 report was explicitly pointed out that, wire and cable industry in the low end of the products in the excess capacity problems, especially regardless of crosslinking all over cable production capacity has serious of the excess actual situation, still large importsof made tower production line, the cause,tow rope repeat construction, fund waste and idle capacity.

Workers believe department a public documents show, wire and cable overall productivity serious excess, ordinary cable manufacturing equipment utilization rate generally less than 40%.

So in this context, the enterprise to improve product if profits through the following 3 kinds of ways roughly: one is to reduce raw material cost; 2 it is fine control production process, reduce the waste, improve the production efficiency; Three is to improve the sales price. At present the possibility of selling high and space is small, the third basic is eliminated, the first and the second method for the feasible plan, we found some enterprise speculative use the the first kind, go unnoticed will cable "thin body".

According to understand, for cable production belong to linear homework, even detection institutions to check the production enterprise, would not be cut off the production line on the site sampling, and can only be ready early detection and enterprise products, there is no doubt that these products have passed 'deep processing,' so from this aspect, also make the enterprise can be in machine.

Today, the cable market has changed to three games of the long-running "battle".

The national testing institutions and manufacturing enterprise in "combat"! The former continuously improve the detection equipment performance, the latter is truly hard in an effort to smooth; Users and manufacturing enterprise in "combat"! The former need to pass in the hybrid market carefully screened in, the latter is in a dark place beforehand frequency, jerry; At the same time, manufacturing enterprise also to "fight" in between! Excess capacity is pale in the background, the spell cost, spell price, spell market, every company are capable of the "fight" the unspoken rules.

Fortunately, the cable industry has caused the attention of the national level. Last year on October 28, on the state quality inspection administration jointly with state workers believe department issued a "issued by the general administration of quality supervision promote electric wire and cable products quality promotion instruction opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the guiding opinions "); In December, the state quality inspection administration promulgated the "released about 2011 national electric wire and cable products quality supervision inspection results of linkage announcement of (for details please see below).

A series of actions are commanded cable industry has become the focus of attention of the countries, but everyone also understand, but it is only the beginning.

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