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How about a multimeter electrical failure problems

How to test and inspection and has always been a very difficult thing, because it's hard to capture the parameters of the electrical failure occurs, as they give us detection increased a lot of difficulties.

There are many test equipment can make the intermittent fault diagnosis become simple. These devices include complex signal analizer and digital oscilloscopes, including easy-to-use handheld multimeter, digital multimeter in the basic measuring function (ac voltage, dc voltage and resistance measurements), but it needs to be measured record work ji, through the standard form, and the combination of a multimeter can test the intermittent fault fault parameters. In the past,ratchet tie dowm people use mechanical paper tape recorder to continuous voltage or current, work in the input voltage need access, or clamped wire current on the sensor, the recorder will be printed on paper tape voltage or current change of length depends on record for the largest amount of paper on paper Jane.

How to record a multimeter intermittent fault

Using a multimeter to minimum/maximum/average record mode, according to measurement project choose corresponding work zai (ac voltage, dc voltage, resistance, alternating current, direct current and frequency) to ensure that the activation minimum/maximum/average before the test circuit connected function, or the minimum readings will always for not connected test line of environmental value before. This will influence to record the time after the end of the recorded data analysis j activate the minimum/maximum/average record mode, will show the biggest screen multimeter reading, and in the test to the new maximum or minimum value by sending out bees blare of sound.

This advantage is: that digital multimeter will not be touch and not to any artificial wei safe hidden trouble, can will digital multimeter stay put measuring, and focus on other work. In the record of the cycle any time, you can view the preservation of the readings, or suspend record mode and don't delete them reading.

How to mark a multimeter records the time

The minimum and maximum detection to the time when the, to determine the cause of failure is intermittent very useful information. In digital multimeter minimum/maximum/average record mode can be stored records began to keep from new minimum, maximum or between the average amount of time. Thus, each of the save the maximum and the minimum average, there is a with the corresponding "time mark".

Now, with a digital acquisition or storage power of zai digital multimeter, through the computer or itself memory, also has the same ribbon record function. If digital multimeter has a minimum/maximum/average work record mode arrows, and tape recorders, digital multimeters to certain interval read the reading of the controlling input. But a tape recorder and save a reading different is, will be saved and reading the readings are compared, and determine the value is higher than the previous maximum or minimum value is lower than the previous j if it is, will use the new reading instead of the original stored in high or low readings register of value. After a period of time after the record, you can check out these escape to show value, check in record time of within the maximum and the minimum value.

As long as the record activation respectively minimum/maximum/average time record mode, you can easily calculate digital multimeter reading test to the actual time. For example, suppose you in the afternoon 3:07:00 activates the record mode, and the biggest show in the reading time mark for 47:05, will time mark and starting time for simple addition,battery clip can determine the maximum time of the record.

Use of digital multimeter minimum/maximum/average record mode, the intermittent fault diagnosis is very effective. But, it assumes that the failure of the circuit connected to some indigo showed enough maximum or minimum value j if horse {c sex between fault from reading between the maximum and the minimum, then between minimum/maximum/average function too won't help to determine the intermittent the cause of the trouble.

Minimum/maximum/average in the measurement of record mode, press the stop button HOLD record, or check and file all save numerical before, do not from the measured circuit interrupting open test line. In the record test line disconnected will make a multimeter processing appear in disconnected the value of the test online, and influence the link to the test line the average of the preservation, and can affect the minimum save ji value or maximum.

How a multimeter continuous recording intermittent fault?

Some multimeter is not only a minimum/maximum/average record function, and the work is another is called with force to be automatic keep (AutoHOLD) work and more green 2 memory, and the combination of form the event's record (EventLogging) Qiong work. Automatic keep work ji sensor to measure the signal can be what time become unstable, what time again stability. Use of automatic keep function trigger min/Max records function of the start and stop, is not limited to digital multimeter test that produce the minimum or maximum fault.

If a multimeter with infrared RS232 interface,tow rope continuous recording work ji will be more powerful, can become a simple events collector, the collection of data transmission multimeter to the computer. Using a computer, can for each stability and the instability of the detailed analysis of the incident. You can not only see each stability and unstable cycle of minimum and maximum values, and each cycle can view the beginning and end of the time. In addition also record the average of the each cycle. At the same time can dynamic test voltage or current change trend chart.

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