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Tool grinding machine to numerical control effectively reduce cost and operation difficulty workers

Milling center, nc equipment widely used, that young workers from the bondage of manual skills, mass produced in high precision of industrial products. As more and more extensive use of new tools, diamond (PCD) tool manufacturing still rely heavily on too much artificial skills. With the improvement of the human cost and lifestyle changes, the artificial skills more and not seek, labor costs more and more high. Numerical control in this industry is the trend of The Times of the will.

Tool grinding machine to numerical control machine tools not only lower the operation difficulty, and the technology and the cutting tool grinding machine still exist between the innate contact.ratchet tie dowm The complexity and diversity of the cutting tools just can use software flexibility to meet, so tool grinding machine control unit should give up a lot of the common equipment, to meet the special requirements of the tool grinding. The adoption of the software technology can reduce the complexity of the tool machine structure, and these mechanical parts have long manufacturing cycle, so greatly shorten the development of equipment cycle, or even reduced costs. Second, will tell commonly tool grinding machine user groups is not big, manufacturer reserves the enthusiasm of spare parts is not high, simple mechanical structure can also reduce the risk of future equipment operation. By the competition and the resulting product update, demand has certain "flexible" equipment, software maintenance and upgrades just can meet the demand.

The conventional "numerical control system" and CAD/CAM software is not for these "alternative" equipment development, can only using special and simple control unit. Among them software technology in the cutting tool grinding machine to process the data and control on a key role.

And electronic products to weigh the hardware and the software of the proportion of distribution, mechanical products will carefully mechanical structure and the proportion of electrical assembly, so that manufacturing cost, manufacturing cycle, product performance, easy to use and easy maintenance to achieve the perfect unity.

The diamond (PCD) tool grinding machine BT-150 J the development process, the influence of quality tool grinding wheel in the most swung repeatedly priority. We give up the traditional crankshaft connecting rod swinging institutions, through the electronic intelligence to the position of the swing parts, velocity and acceleration of process control, greatly improve the accuracy and the movement of the swing stable performance. At the same time it also brings manufacturing cycle is short, simple and convenient operation maintenance and other benefits. As a type of economy equipment, use of industrial monitors and the computer as monitoring method, not only lower cost and triggered by computer failure rate reduced greatly, more suitable for small and medium-sized enterprise this user groups.

Take multiple concentric circles score line of light optical projector screen is common devices, BT-150 diamond tool grinding machine for this device has improved, make it become the by a graticule marker and two to graticule marker as the center of intersection concentric circles "soft" light screen. Graticule marker position can be through the key move, the size of the concentric circles also can change. This tool pack card can press the "looking for point" button to capture the circular arc of the cutting tool center, make graticule marker and the intersection of superposition,booster cables then I don't mobile tool position can contrast measurement. At the same time, unnecessary concentric circles don't show, also make the measurement and more clearly.

As a fully automatic tool grinding machine BT-150-B, its monitoring system is the eyes of numerical control unit, the eyes see which nc system go where. Its monitoring system (UNCOVER2.1) will weaken the mechanical structure of the CCD stents function. Cancel the CCD camera horizontal to plan the guide rail, using the computer software rendering stroke scribed line to replace the camera movement of small displacement, and set the operation of passwords, to ensure that in the state of the cutting tools to after the same. This one design from two main reasons: first, mechanical hand wheel drive screw mechanical structure of the existence of the tiny elastic deformation, the external force to cancel after, the elastic recovery from the center again. Second, small CCD stent has four degrees of freedom, any minute changes or casual movements will make central bias, so operators in began to whet knife before frequently adjusted and confirm center alignment. The use of software technology not only make CCD stents rigid greatly increase,tow rope and can effectively keep to the state.

In the actual development process, software developers in-depth study of the process requirement and equipment of the workers use habits are very important, and a mechanical engineer should correctly understand software technology and control techniques (including technology bottom line) and the latest technology situation and development direction, because they tend to be put forward problems and requirements of the people.


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