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Al shandong alumina plant structure adjustment lock market hot spots

As the nation's largest chemical alumina production development base, recently, al shandong enterprise chemicals in alumina plant BaiWei powder production line is formally put into production, the production of three kinds of index more than 20 tons of products already send customer use evaluation. The other six big structural adjustment program also are busy promoting.

It is reported, this second structure adjustment from the end of last year, al shandong enterprise at a user forum. The symposium, from all over the country on behalf of dozens of manufacturer according to this enterprise 2012 orientation of the adjustment of product structure, and to the various products of quality, specification,ratchet tie dowm put forward the Suggestions and requests, even the packing of the products also puts forward the Suggestions for improvement. Part of the customers' to put forward, the past chemicals aluminium products more white by the market to welcome, therefore, the production of micro powder products are high white products, but, as the user needs and aesthetic view of change, at present the product by some more white in a particular user's welcome.

Customers' opinions and Suggestions, especially about the fashion trends in the industry product information, to the leadership enormous vibration, "if not for depth structure adjustment, some of our products will lose advantage." Alumina plant chemicals a technology research and development director regrets ground say. Obviously, as the nation's largest chemical alumina production research and development base, al shandong enterprise alumina plant chemicals in market competition feel the crisis. Micro powder product is one of the products of the fist, because its product fine granularity,booster cables white degree is high and widely used for building materials, electric equipment, electric wire and cable products in the production.

After the forum, the white degree of products based on the user's requirements of the index difference, seize the market hot spots, and expand the profit space, the research and development of positive BaiWei powder products. According to "go all out, responsibility, the system organization, to speed up the implementation of the principle of" from the beginning of the year, the factory has completed BaiWei powder production line in the process reform, tow ropeequipment maintenance, index optimization work. Mid-march, project formally entering the essence production stage; March 22,, the first tank decomposition qualified pulp into process; March 23,, in the first BaiWei powder product referrals. After the examination, the various physical and chemical indexes fully qualified, some index also faster than expected.

In addition, this factory also according to the needs of customers, implement the hydrogen BaiErFa aluminium production packing, BaiWei powder in production, zeolite molecular sieve production and so on six big structure adjustment project, made more than 20 item improvement measures.

The sales staff said that in the product after the white market development, already have a certain market foundation. With the new product continuous off the assembly line, the efficiency of the authors will have a positive impact.


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