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CHINAPLAS 2012 sings: enterprise group/new technology

Thanks to all kinds of positive factors, the exhibition except in scale and CHINAPLAS exhibitors quantity, but also will add a new record. According to the organizers are expecting, the number of visitors to the exhibition will break 100000, including the industry association of all members of the organization CanGuanTuan, they yesterday morning to reach the exhibition registration, which made the atmosphere more lively.

Plastic films professional committee of association organized more than 80 companies to come to visit, the secretary-general LiuMin to "exhibition newspaper reporters, future plastic films in the application of the will is more important, and more incline to long-term, environmental protection, ageing resistance,ratchet tie dowm even can prevent disease resistance. He said: "our members, in addition to agricultural production enterprise, but also some auxiliary agricultural production enterprise, we all hope that through this visit, we can be more understanding about the agricultural production and related new technology and new equipment."

Shanghai electric wire and cable industry association organized more than 70 enterprise to come to visit, the secretary-general ZhangZhongHua said, to organize the main purpose of the CanGuanTuan have two: one, and the knowledge of the domestic production of high-end wire products other suppliers, seek production is currently industry of shortage of the long-term dependence on imports, since the high-end wire and cable manufacturers; Second, understand foreign showing some advanced new technology and new products. He said, plastic in electrical wire and cable industry application of emergence,booster cables especially the environmental protection, the flame retardant trend is very clear, members have also corresponding purchase plan.

In addition, the wuxi city mold industry association secretary-general PanYao said, the association will organize the related enterprises every year to visit CHINAPLAS, because this is Asia's largest plastic over the industrial exhibition. "This year we have led to more than 30 companies to come to visit, expect to know some plastic mould new products, including some injection molding device and new process technology, etc. We hope that this year's CHINAPLAS can not only see related plastic products, but also see more high-end plastic mould processing equipment."

This shows, CHINAPLAS international and scale to attract a lot of enterprise group to come to, and at the same time, the development of all plastic industry also strengthening they visit the enthusiasm.

This year, the plastic industry in guizhou province of momentum, province, plastic association elaborate organization 23 enterprises to come to visit. Association director XuBing said: "because of the member enterprise in the range is wider, involving blown film, packaging, pipes, raw materials and other areas, so everyone's concern is that the scale is CHINAPLAS itself with very differently."

Plastic association medical branch in ChenJunYao deputy secretary general said they were CanGuanTuan of more than 30 people, and in the exhibition site set up a booth, in order to understand more about medical plastic aspects of new technology and new progress, especially some precision higher equipment.

"Medical plastic is the smaller of the medical device industry segments, but the country is also very field on the development of it. In 2010, the medical instrument is the gross industrial output value is 113.7 billion yuan, the medical plastic accounted for RMB 20 billion. Along with the" 1025 "medical equipment development plan of the promulgation of the medical insurance and the popularity of the future, medical plastic, the proportion of will continue to expand, good prospects."battery clip He added.

From zhejiang province building materials industry and chemical building material industry association secretary-general WuDongLiang also said: "we are very bullish on plastic in the application of building materials industry, want to see more new environmental protection material is used in the construction industry."

n this way, can we find chance of development, can for development of spring.

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