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Price self-discipline security wire and cable products market stability

For many years, although wire and cable industry trade organizations have repeatedly called on product price self-discipline, but the market price still wire and cable products of chaos, a flood of fake and low-quality products, product profit decline, make cable enterprise is injured. Wire and cable products price situation has come the rectification shall not really the point.

Cause the main cause of this situation, one is the excess capacity: our country has size wire and cable enterprise many 7000, all kinds of wire and cable products can have serious surplus; Enterprise in competitive markets get live, can only in product prices looking for breakthrough point, and reduce the product price, will affect the quality of products. 2 it is low quoted price: the user's bidding terms expressly to write "the low bid", ratchet tie dowmforcing bidders compete to demand, interacting, result in a flood of fake and low-quality products. Three is moral no good: some business owners moral corruption, hunting for profit and loss of social responsibility, poor result influence in the industry. For the industry this situation, the state quality inspection administration in 2011 on a linkage check, "revealed the evils, and administrative measures to put forward the control measures, but the effect is not is not very obvious.

Both the supply and the demand is exist in a business in unity conflicting two aspects. If both sides according to the principle of seeking truth from facts comply with market rules of the game, especially product pricing rules, the whole market will harmony, peace and healthy operation. If the product price out of the question, not only the whole market will inevitably is confused, and is also hard to ensure the quality of products. In this market meltdown,booster cables law-abiding enterprise serious impact, but illegal businesses are at large.

Any product has its pricing principles. The products of industry, producer prices by production cost is + + tax profit is composed of three parts. To "material heavy industry light" cable products it, the price of a product is a key factor to raw material prices. But the normal qualified product price is the price of normal qualified materials to be calculated on the basis of, any less than normal qualified material price of product price calculation, the product quality must not qualified, because they use is unqualified material. This is the basic common sense, not only cable manufacturing enterprise cried foul, the user must also can understand somewhat.

But, very baffling, knowing that the user's cheap money without good goods ", why also adhere to the "low quoted price"? Before a few years, Beijing has a "wire cable reverse dumping at low prices office", find out which project bidding dumping at low prices have suspected of, will notify owner, remind owner pay attention to product quality, the results not only had little effect, and even cause some users of disgust. The reason they are objectionable, because they are in the market economic situation is not mature, despite the objective facts and artificially stipulated the many no-trade clause. It is these no-trade clause contributed to some of the enterprise in violation bid.

To complete the cable industry product price confusion, fake infested the evil trends, from the two aspects of supply and demand, not just the production enterprise, user should also strengthen education, let them understanding of confusion, price bidding enterprise structure and formulate principles, otherwise will YongWuNingRi.

Want to make both the supply and the demand has a clear product pricing standard, we must first have a composite objective reality products valuation basis, and according to the change of the products constitute factors adjust our prices. Cable of the online "2012 version of the cable industry red this price", it is the product is a foundation and the national standard of the product price calculated guidance for enterprise production, sales, pricing, allocate inventory to provide the reference.

The "network red this price" the launch of a price war not only help to get rid of bad habits and upgrade the quality of products, but also for users to purchase and budget provide a reference basis, guide the user right, rationally bidding and procurement.

In online through the network technology means cable the industry the red price move to the Internet, with its technological standard rigorous transparent, fixed data authority credibletow rope, raw material prices online monitoring, product prices real-time update, consult professional friendly interface and can be based on user need to customize the characteristic such as online calculation, for electric wire electric cable enterprise and its users provides an important product price reference basis, it will effectively relieve dumping at low prices, the price war chaotic situation. Eager to "wire cable network red this price" done better and better, makes bigger contribution to the industry.


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