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General electric energy saving solutions on the headquarters building as original

General electric green lighting solutions for original headquarters to build the new information Taipei the indoor and outdoor lighting environment. The project application plan indoor lighting, GE recommended 4000 sets of rated average life expectancy for 30000 to 36000 hours and 300 sets of Starcoat T5 LED PAR38; Outdoor lighting use GE LED Tetra system and LED Iberia lamps and lanterns. With the new lighting solutions the launch of the original information which decrease the consumption and maintenance cost, and also reduce the impact on the environment.

Original information company headquarters in Taipei Taiwan has fully opened the general electric lighting high efficiency and energy saving of indoor and outdoor lighting solutions. ratchet tie dowmOriginal information is a leading of memory and consumer electronics products in the fields of high-tech multinational companies. GE lighting design team as the original information customize headquarters a set of green lighting solutions, help customers fulfill the promise of low carbon energy conservation, the environmental protection enterprise image make green.

GE lighting project sales manager Edward said: "we lighting solutions for customers comprehensive consideration of indoor and outdoor space lighting the different needs of users. After field simulation, general electric provide it with the professional lighting design, and help them to get a high quality lighting effect. Really understand customers' needs, and provides professional solutions, is to create a GE people a better life work environment the basis points."

Optimization outdoor lighting effect

Original information is a wonderful headquarters in Taipei area of 66000 square meters of multistory buildings, office area fairly broad. So, choose new lighting equipment, the priority for the lighting effect and safety energy conservation.

GE for identification of the original lighting provides LED TETRA system, this system can be used in small and medium-sized advertising signs font logo lighting, is also the ideal choice of the business building lighting, such as can be used in the trough lighting, focus lighting, outline, lighting. Its Opti Lens technology can expand illuminate coverage area, make the lighting effect more even. Its unique die-casting forming design, can prevent components damp, and available for a variety of applications. TETRA system can provide whole series of color options, including white light, warm white light, the light blue light, red and green light.

According to the headquarters of the outdoor environment, GE recommend using LED Iberia lamps replace the existing high pressure sodium. LED Iberia lamps and lanterns is a highly efficient lighting products, have different type of light to choose from, is suitable for construction and the diversity of the landscape lighting LED lamps and lanterns. LED Iberia as a decorative lamps and lanterns, in a symmetrical and asymmetric light type distribution, all can have as high as 90 W of power. The flexibility of the different choices that can be applied to all urban lighting and sidewalks and square lighting. In addition, the LED Iberia has up to 50000 hours rated life, and greatly reduce the maintenance costs.

Improve indoor lighting, and create a comfortable working environment

Original headquarters has eight storeys, GE design team it into consideration for original staff to provide high quality indoor lighting, create a comfortable working environment. Therefore,battery clip GE office area of the 4000 Suggestions life for 30000 to 36000 hours of Star coat T5 lamps and lanterns. It is the most efficient GE of fluorescent tubes products, has 36000 hours long life, highest efficiency of 104 lumens/tile, can save maintenance cost. GE unique STar Coat technology more gift GE T5 fluorescent incomparable color rendering and lumen maintenance ratio, really is a melting efficient and elegant in one of the perfect design.

For the elevator lobby and corridor, with 300 sets of GE designated LED PAR38 lamps and lanterns. GE 20 W LED PAR38 is indoor or outdoor lighting ideal products, have a high intensity of illumination. The 25000 hours of life than traditional 80% energy saving lamps.

The positive influence on the environment and return

Opening the new facilities GE lighting, building and the surrounding environment visibility and security will be boosted, energy efficiency is improved. Total is expected to reduce energy consumption by 30% and 25% of the lamps replacement cost, cost investment can be recovered about 3 years. From the perspective of environmental protection, saving energy equivalent to eliminate about 395000 pounds a year car emissions of carbon dioxide from, or create a new tree 48.9 acres.

Original information company general manager of political chung said: "the original information as a responsible global citizens, is very concerned about the economical use of natural resources.tow rope The company has been committed to the headquarters for the green environmental protection lighting solutions, can not only ensure the high quality of lighting effect, and that agrees with company philosophy, to minimize its impact on the environment. For this reason, we choose the general electric environmental efficient lighting products and solutions. After the commissioning of new lighting system, our work environment get whole improve operating expenses, is much less. General electric lighting will is our consistent choice."

GE of green lighting solutions to make original information based in Taipei can increase at the same time, lighting quality also obvious ascension.

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