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Uhv equipment into the investment boom cycle

Although recent uhv equipment stocks have been unable to run win grail, but because our country uhv line in construction in succession, means that related stocks growth trend more sure, financial game model also showed a long term capital have started tentative.

Into the investment boom cycle

In recent years, with the related technical differences bridge and the environmental impact of further understanding, our country's construction of high pressure heavy on the agenda. Especially so two factors, drive the our country's construction is in high-pressure line speed in the situation.

One is our country at a designated grid and electric power load some not balanced. At present our country electric power load point the bohai gulf, mainly in the Yangtze river delta, ratchet tie dowmthe pearl river delta economic zone, but at a designated grid in the northwest, north of China and is the southwest. Among them, the northwest and north China coal to give priority to, and southwest is water and electricity is given priority to, all need to large-scale construction uhv transmission and transformation to will power supply output.

2 it is the pollution of the environment and the construction of our country at a designated grid. In recent years, to reduce air pollution, Yangtze river delta and pearl river delta in the big cities of the surrounding area, and basically no longer new coal power. At the same time, China will increase the mouth and hydropower construction kang power plant base, and these are in the northwest, north and northwest, need long distance transmission line construction.

Therefore, earlier this year, in the company of the year 2012 SGC came up at the meeting, to ensure that this year four uhv communication engineering (XiMeng to nanjing, huainan to Shanghai,booster cables MengXi to changsha, yoann to southern) obtained the country approved and commenced. Will strive to "north-fuzhou" uhv communication engineering in years for approval. Although 2011 ac uhv line of less than plan before, but the smooth lines southeast shanxi marks the next exchange put project examination and approval will be somewhat faster than before, insiders expect two quarter will have a new line is approved. Therefore, special high pressure equipment stocks in 2012 is expected to be relatively certain profit growth opportunities.

Or will have performance inflection point

At present our country grid investment also appeared two remarkable characteristics, one is paying attention to the transmission and transformation investment, this includes not only long uhv transmission and transformation, including urban distribution network, the construction of the rural. This is helpful for high voltage power transmission and transformation equipment, the determination of the listed company business growth.

Two is China's power grid changes but also to tender leading enterprise. In recent years the successful cases of see, the more strength of the listed company, the winning and amount of the higher proportion, which show that the power grid companies from the original heavy price has to heavy quality transformation direction. And it is well known that, ultra-high voltage is undoubtedly the power equipment of the crown technology and have the ability to manufacture products, high pressure of the listed company, quality and technology is extremely high, the future will enjoy more of the industry feast.

At present, uhv manufacturers are faced with performance inflection point. According to insiders speculated that began in 2012, high pressure large-scale delivery. According to the already bidding projects, expect 2012 will have the "four pay has been" delivery started, of which 2012 56.15 billion yuan, tow ropeand 2013 delivery delivery of 18.75 billion yuan. 2013 will have "three into three straight" delivery started, of which 2013 83.8 billion yuan, and 2014 delivery delivery of 83.8 billion yuan. According to two grid plan, is expected to "1025" period, special high investment, 530 billion yuan, do not consider the new bidding project follow-up, 2012 ~ 2014 uhv bidding is 56.15 billion yuan respectively, 102.55 billion yuan, 83.8 billion yuan. These data can be related to describe the listed company of the growth of the clear future trajectory.

In the operation, suggest investors but right amount attention to China's electricity, flat high electrical, siyuan electrical, change especially electrician, electrical thi individual stocks.



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