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Shipbuilding industry of the three major areas of the five major missions start "steering" strategy

"Eleventh Five-Year" period, the high-speed development of China's shipbuilding industry, the scale of the industry by leaps and bounds growth, significantly enhance its international status, the level of industrial technology and the comprehensive booster cables competitiveness has been greatly improved, but also accumulated a lot of contradictions and problems, and World shipbuilding powerhouse compared to the overall level and strength of China's shipbuilding industry is still a large gap between the main innovation is not strong, prominent structural contradictions, low industrial concentration, production efficiency and management needs to be improved: the marine equipment industry The slow development and slow the pace of development of marine engineering equipment.
    To solve these problems, "planning", based on battery clip the development of specific goals in the next tow rope five years, five key tasks of the development of the shipbuilding industry as well as the three key areas of development in order to promote China's largest shipbuilding country to shipbuilding power steadily forward.
    Consolidate ratchet tie dowm the industrial development of the foundation of one of the five major tasks to promote technological progress and innovation
    Enhance the level of design and capacity
    Closely follow the international shipping technology trends and maritime rules to standardize the latest requirements, state-of-the-art technology, the cost of the economy, the construction of efficient optimization of the design of mainstream ship, lowering the cost of ship energy efficiency design index to enhance the the ship comprehensive technical and economic performance and market competitiveness. Strengthen the introduction of technology absorption and innovation, high-tech ships, marine engineering equipment and key equipment design. Select certain forward-looking products, explore and pilot to carry out the early pre-feasibility study and conceptual design, to seize the commanding heights of the future market competition.
    To breakthrough the basis of common core and key technologies
    Strengthen the basis of common technology for ships, marine engineering equipment, ancillary equipment and systems in areas such as research, to carry out the research and development of advanced design methods and design software.
    Development of key technologies to master high-tech ship, the breakthrough in the overall design of the ship-critical systems and integration technologies; research in key marine engineering equipment construction techniques of the key design and improve multidisciplinary integration of multi-disciplinary technical capabilities and project general contracting capacity. Strengthen the study of dual-use technology, implementation of major innovation projects, solve technical problems related fields. Improve and perfect the shipbuilding industry standard system, and actively participate in international standard-setting.
    Construction industry technology innovation platform
    Guiding and supporting backbone enterprises to build a national shipbuilding, marine engineering equipment and marine equipment R & D experimental center. Rely on major innovative projects, building a digital pool, high-tech ships and focus on marine engineering equipment R & D and test facilities, establish and improve the marine low, medium and high-speed diesel engines and auxiliary ships independent research and development platform. The support ship enterprises and universities, research institutes jointly constructed Key Laboratory, Engineering Research Center. Support the shipbuilding industry and steel, shipping, oil, petrochemical, upstream and downstream industries to set up R & D institutions.
    Promote the technological upgrading of enterprises
    Focus on marine equipment, marine engineering equipment, high-tech marine sector, increase investment in technical transformation of enterprises, enhance the advanced large-scale production capacity to solve the bottleneck of industrial development, optimize the industrial chain. Center to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of to increase ship enterprise digital automation technologies to upgrade its efforts to accelerate the adoption and the promotion of energy conservation, new technologies, new processes and new equipment. Strengthen the technological transformation of enterprises and the introduction of technology, the combination of technological innovation. To focus on the characteristics of the industry technology and to promote high-tech applications, improve the ability of military and civilian technology industry.
    Five major tasks of the two to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises to speed up the industrial structure adjustment
    To cultivate international first-class large enterprise groups
    Follow the rules of market economy, leading to large backbone shipbuilding enterprises to actively promote trans-regional, cross-industry, cross-ownership mergers and reorganizations, optimize the allocation of resources, the development of a world-class enterprise group with core competencies, improve industrial concentration. Promote the dominant enterprises through mergers and acquisitions to expand the manufacturing capacity of high-end products. Upstream and downstream enterprises are encouraged to form a strategic alliance for the integration of industrial chain. Promote the backbone enterprises to develop overseas mergers and acquisitions. Guide marine low and medium-speed diesel engines and deck machinery and other ancillary enterprises as a link to the capital, products, to intensify specialization reorganization.
    Build specialization, features boat prices
    To encourage small and medium-sized shipbuilding companies oriented implementation of competitive differentiation, market segments forming characteristics and brand development in the areas of strength to "specialized, sophisticated, special, new direction. Strength of small and medium-sized shipbuilding companies are encouraged to develop specialized ship intermediate product manufacturing-oriented backbone shipbuilding enterprises into the production system of the backbone enterprises.
    The development of modern shipbuilding services industry
    Promote the design, software development and other professional services, enterprise development, and enhance core competitiveness, enhance product value. Accelerate the development of modern service industries such as logistics, e-commerce, and expand the industrial chain, improve the industrial system. Encourage large shipbuilding group systematically carry out ship financing and leasing business, to nurture the industry's non-bank financial institutions, to promote the Combination. Further enhance the the ship supporting enterprise marketing capabilities and service levels, and speed up the backbone of the enterprise global marketing services network construction.

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