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Guangdong mold industry characteristics Direction of Reading and Transformation

    Editor's Note: Since the reform and opening up, Guangdong Province adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao's geographical advantages and overseas Chinese, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots many cultural advantages into full play,booster cables the original weak basis for sustained and rapid industrial development of a continuous twenty years.
    In particular, a number of die demand for industries such as household appliances,battery clip electronic communication, information industry, plastic and packaging products, building materials, toys and metal products, such as the province's industrial economy has been nurturing an important industry, tow rope urgently requires mold manufacturing to accelerate the pace of development to produce more and better tooling to meet the needs of industrial development, ratchet tie dowm but also literally to accelerate the development of the mold manufacturing industry provides a good opportunity and vast space.

    First, in Guangdong mold industry characteristics.

    1, die varieties, foreign-funded enterprises developed.

    Guangdong mold industry started late, the mid-eighties until the twentieth century is basically not truly independent of the mold manufacturing plant, all the mold is attached to the product as the technology behind the plant at a machine shop, the mold was only limited to the sales market to meet The factory needs. The rapid development of the province's industrial economy led to a variety of economic enterprises in the types of mold on a piece of fertile ground for rapid development, there has been state-owned, private, foreign and joint venture enterprises die alongside each other to promote the thriving scene. Many of the original as a mold manufacturing enterprise technology behind the plant separated from the product onto the social independence and became the founder of mold industry in Guangdong and main force, the mold industry in Guangdong province's industrial development and made great contributions. Individual, cooperative shares and the stock of private enterprises, such as mold mushrooming, in Guangdong die quickly became the most dynamic new force in the industry. Rely on a number of advanced technology and equipment and management level of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japanese companies and foreign joint venture enterprises die die active in Guangdong, to participate in market competition, Guangdong mold, Guangdong mold industry to expand the scale and improve the quality played an important role in promoting.

    Model Association of Guangdong Province in 1996 organized a more comprehensive survey, when the province already has a state-owned, private, foreign investment, joint venture manufacturing point of more than 4,000 die, employing 10.3 million people, the industrial output value reached 5.0 billion; to all types of mold in 2000 the province increased to more than 6,000 manufacturing enterprises, employing up to 16 million yuan, industrial output value reached 120 billion yuan, four more than doubled. The end of 2004, the province's industrial output value reached 23.0 billion die, but also close to a four-year double.

    At present, Guangdong mold industry, regardless of the number of firms, firm size, the average growth rate of industrial output value and are among the highest in the country. According to the China Association for Management Committee model statistical analysis: 2004 mold more than 30 million yuan output value of 50 enterprises in Guangdong accounts for 11, including Heyuan Lung Kee Metal Products Co., Ltd. Guangdong wheel mold, Guangdong mold Sacred Co., Ltd., Shenyang Mould Co., Ltd. Jieyang day 5 in the top ten.

    Not been included in the Management Committee of China Association for Statistical model and the output value of more than this standard there are 14 enterprises in Guangdong mold. With the expansion of the mold industry, the largest amount of the original need to continue to the first named all kinds of plastic mold, rubber molds, metal molds, car and motorcycle molds, aluminum molds, ceramic molds, also have various types of development, and varieties of complete step by step can basically meet the needs of the industrial structure of Guangdong. At present the province's home appliances, electronic communication, information industry, transportation equipment, plastics and rubber products, packaging materials and construction materials industry needs to die, most of the province mold factory can be supply for the province and foreign enterprises the number of the mold is also increasing every year.

    2, the enterprises attach importance to investment, technology and equipment lead.

    The face of fierce market competition, and a large number of foreign investment, promotion of joint ventures in Guangdong mold companies have increased investment, the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment to improve their technology and equipment and product quality. Basically, we have investigated the end of 2000 to represent the level of industrial technology, Guangdong mold 10 professional mold factory, then put the funds to purchase high-tech equipment, more than 3 billion purchase of the vertical machining centers, vertical machining centers quickly, sparks machines and high-speed high-precision EDM, wire cutting, three-dimensional digital laser scanners, CNC coordinate measuring machines, molding machines and other high school of 330 sets of equipment, exceeding the mold industry, the province before 1996 have The total value of high-tech equipment and the total number.

    Since then, more attention to the mold companies to increase investment, purchase high-tech equipment and advanced technology to maintain a leading position in technology and equipment for enterprises to grow and develop in the competition to create a solid material foundation. Advanced equipment, CAD / CAE / CAM technology, widely used and improvement of management level, have emerged in Guangdong, the backbone of a group of die industry leading companies. Sophisticated technology and equipment of these companies, managers and workers of high quality, production and operation management is standardized, relatively strong comprehensive economic strength, has been outside the province recognized by peers, some in Asia and the world to enjoy a high reputation.

    CDMIA Guangdong mold industry leading technology and product quality are also given high evaluation. The evaluation is: "Guangdong mold manufacturing technology, especially in the plastic mold technical level, into the ranks of the national advanced level. Now, most of the mold manufacturing enterprises in Guangdong, especially the" three capital "enterprises die, CAD / CAE / CAM technology has been widely used, its penetration rate is the highest in the country. tooling CNC machining equipment, rates and equipment performance is relatively in the country's leading. Overall, Guangdong mold manufacturing sector ahead of the overall technological level the overall level of the country about 5 years, a number of key enterprise mold, the technology level is close to international standards; mold enterprise management, mold process, mold production and standardization of the degree of professional level ahead of other regions, the quality and life of the mold also advanced in the country. "

    Second, the direction of industrial restructuring of Guangdong die.

    With the rapid development of China's mold industry, the total mold industry in China has entered the list of producing countries die, die in 2009 sales of 98 billion yuan, nearly 1.9 billion export molds, mold imports remained close to 20 billion dollars, This indicates that the overall competitive edge of the mold, the overall level of development of precision manufacturing as the most worthy of attention and communication industry hot spots.

    2010 China's economy has gradually stabilized, mold manufacturing industry change the growth mode as the industrial structure adjustment of key support, is undoubtedly one of the important pillars. According to Die Network CEO, Society of Die and Mould Technology, Shenzhen, introduced Deputy Secretary-General Luo Baihui, Guangdong province of China mold, industrial-scale accounting for about 6 percent share, better business ecosystem, the provincial government, the provincial committee have been attracted by the letter of the ship , Dongfang Electric, China Airlines aircraft, dedicated high-end enterprise located in the Pearl River Delta region, the new high-end tools for Chinese shipyards, the ship also serves as the provincial key project in Nansha relocation started, and these should be given the equipment manufacturing industry in Guangdong Province with to new development opportunities, but because of mold industry in Guangdong has been at the lowest end of the industry, which fails to grasp this opportunity for development. To this end, Guangdong mold industry proposed industrial upgrading, from the structure, technology and talent to the industry, high-end transformation.

    Mold development in Guangdong Province, Dongguan area is relatively good. From Dongguan mold development, the upgrading of industrial upgrading must have adequate funding. Dongguan implementation of the investment, the industrial structure to prepare the necessary capital. In order to truly realize the "investment" to "investment selection," the promotion, establishment of investment experts in Dongguan, library, municipal well-known enterprises, senior technical personnel, and the city experts, professors, more than 100. Inspection activities in the investment, experts advise, play the role of expert groups, the introduction of the project is in production in Dongguan industrial policy, whether I can improve the industrial chain, Dongguan City, and in accordance with the industrial structure, adjust the direction of the project, planning and feasibility to demonstrate, to provide professional advice.

    To the end of 2009, Changan Town, Dongguan, more than 1,600 in more than 400 foreign-funded enterprises engaged in manufacturing mechanical metal mold industry, the investment amounted to 100 million yuan more than 1,000 private enterprises which have more than 600 production and focus on the industry sales, more than 34,000 individual businesses engaged in this industry, more than 6,200 sales and service, employing nearly 15 million, annual turnover of 120 billion yuan, accounting for Changan Town, nearly 30% of total industrial output value, accounting for the total die value of nearly 10%, machinery and metal tooling industry cluster has formed in the Chang'an larger scale, and gradually the machinery in the country and the world renowned metal mold industry. Changan Town, has been named "professional mold of Guangdong Province town", "China Machinery Mould Town", "Torch Plan of Guangdong Province mold industry base", "Chinese jewelry industry base", "National Torch Plan, Dongguan City Changan Mold Industry base. " Machinery metal mold industry cluster has a higher visibility, mechanical metal mold has become a real feature of Changan Town, industries and other related industries, the formation of the more obvious economic effect of the cluster.

    How to complete the mold industry, industrial upgrading? Die and Mould Technology, Shenzhen Institute of expert members of the Luo Baihui that, tooling industry since 2000 an annual growth rate of 20%, "Eleventh Five-Year" period, sell very well, yield, quality and level further increased, particularly in the automotive manufacturing and IT manufacturing industry, boosting the quality improvement mold, mold manufacturing equipment, sophisticated technology level for the mold to provide the support, equipment manufacturing enterprises to establish modern enterprise system as soon as possible, change their operational mechanism and encourage social capital, technology and equipment manufacturing of state-owned enterprise reform, the association recently met with New China, shipbuilding, shipping and other large enterprises in the exchange, the other party has agreed to mold, covering parts, spare parts, standard parts, non-standard parts production to collaborate to combine the production shares. In addition, Luo Baihui that meet the high demand for skilled manufacturing tooling industry is facing acute shortage of common problems, this association with the famous universities school synergy projects.

    In 2010, Dongguan, in Beijing, Shanghai and Chongqing, investment promotion, held to attract the Bohai Sea, Yangtze River Delta or Southwest docking large industrial enterprises and Dongguan. Dongguan will select some well focused goals projects, door to lobby, take the initiative to launch an offensive investment, the main target customers are the central level, military enterprises, well-known private enterprises.

    As an important industrial production base in Guangdong mold technology and equipment industry, it is in such good condition and the vast space, trying to adapt to the needs of industrial development in the province, has been rapid development and improvement of the industry's economic size and overall strength of the economy has expanded each year, gradually complete mold species, mold enterprise technology and equipment and improve the quality of the mold, to meet market demand and the ability to gradually increase the export, the country's position in the industry increased year by year, the China Mould Industry association leaders called "Die largest province in China today, whether production or consumption is the biggest."

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