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Situation in 2012, the Japanese electronics industry collective sink

September 15 LCD father of the world, the Japanese electronics giant Sharp's hundredth birthday. However, no one would have thought that, once a flourishing Sharp hundred years "birthday" fell into the realm of life and death: LCD main business booster cables of huge losses, liabilities trillions, the stock plunged almost turned into a garbage has come to the brink of bankruptcy.
    Not only that, in fact, the Japanese electronics industry as a whole in competition with South Korea, mainland China and Taiwan are in a very difficult situation, Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, full of huge losses.
    Transformation action is too slow, slow decision-making battery clip stubbornness makes Japan these past disdain for global electronics giant failed to keep up with the rate of change of the external market and technology innovation, so the global television and liquid crystal tow rope display market leading position gradually replaced Han Department of Enterprise, mainland China and Taiwan's electronics companies behind pressed hard. Japanese electronics companies caught in the ratchet tie dowm middle weaknesses can not save themselves, and perhaps soon in under the impact of a global economic crisis, one fall.
    Decision-making errors complacent and conservative
    Like flagging Japanese economy for 20 years, a long time, the lack of resting on its laurels Japanese electronics industry innovation to keep up with the changing market environment and technological innovation. Sharp fall into the realm of bankruptcy the global LCD industries continuing recession background, but two or three years ago, Sharp still outstanding representatives of the enterprises, the fall speed so fast, its operating decisions fatal misjudgment and stubborn concept closely related to . Sharp LCD television career resources development focus of the whole society, and has even begun to taste the sweetness LCD panel as a "money machine" and dedicated. With many Japanese companies have career focus offshore Sharp career to stay in mainland Japan to solve the employment problem of 50 million people, also known as the enterprise model to prevent the hollowing out of Japanese industry.
    2007 to 2008, Sharp LCD panels to LCD TV integrated career reached a peak, up to 3.4 trillion yen in annual sales in fiscal 2007, net profit of 101.9 billion yen. But this time, the global LCD TV industry has quietly changed dramatically as the core component of the LCD panel is not the individual manufacturers can monopoly core technology products.
    However, in the face of cataclysm industry environment and the declining price of LCD panel, the "big" the Xigong the Sharp did not adapt, Korean and Chinese counterparts have joined the competition, the apparent oversupply of overall environment of the LCD panel, Sharp is still stubbornly believe that development should continue to go the direction of the large-size, and desperate to spend one trillion yen heavily in building to produce the world's largest LCD flat Sakai factory. October 2009, this has the most advanced 10th generation LCD panel production line, the factory started, but this also opens the Sharp's peak of fall.
    Capital cooperation protracted
    Exactly what is to save penniless Sharp? Japanese economic circles, seems to be the only arm to survive to accept Taiwan's Hon Hai "harsh" conditions in exchange for its capital injection, Sharp have "future". The Hon Hai expectations Sharp for sale in the hands of the "trump card" IGZO technology, and that the next generation of small and medium-sized LCD technology, Sharp is the world's only manufacturers to achieve the production. This technique to the special oxide semiconductor instead of silicon, can make the resolution of the LCD to be increased to 4 times that of existing products, but also more power efficient. In the context of the downturn TV LCD panel prices, Sharp IGZO next-generation liquid crystal display technology as the pillars of the future development of the company, and all sorts of do not want to transfer, which is said to really want because of protracted negotiations.
    Many Japanese people in the industry advocate capital Sharp technology and the right to operate in exchange for cooperation. Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, served as the the Sharp LCD Institute researcher Professor Yukihiko the proposed Sharp and Hon Hai learn from each other, and an early start in the LCD panel and LCD TV machine manufacturing business cooperation, so Sharp's Sakai plant production 100 inch extra large LCD TV can dominate the market at a low price.
But there are many Japanese economic sector think-tank support to save their own enterprises rely on foreign capital, researcher at the Japan Center for Economic Research Director ago Tianchang Xiao think the core technologies that will make a number of Japanese companies Sharp Sharp even similar finally cultivated surrendering foreign and technical staff reductions after the implementation of cooperation agreements are likely lost to overseas, causing technical hollow, threatening the competitiveness of the Japanese manufacturing sector and country risk management.
    Innovation fatigue missed opportunities
    "Century-old" Sharp now reduced to the foundry business rescue situation need a business has less than 40 years, can be said to be a microcosm of the sinking of the Japanese electronics industry and even the manufacturing sector.
    The electronics industry is a technical upgrading of the industry, and has world-renowned leading Japanese electronics companies of the world for many years the lack of innovation in recent years, which is the root cause of the huge loss of Japanese electronics giant collective. In Japan, the smartphone popular hot consumer electronics market, the most popular and the most popular is nothing more than Apple's iPhone and iPad, Samsung Electronics occupy the forefront of the sales charts. In the low-end smart phone and terminal market, Huawei and ZTE figure, while the Japanese products of local manufacturers, but the species is scarce mediocre. In the field of LCD panel, one of South Korea's Samsung let almost all of the industry giants in Japan overwhelmed. Less than the United States, the original innovation and software is not as good as the South Korean manufacturing and marketing. In the so-called lost 20 years, who created the "Made in Japan" reputation electrical giants are not sensitive to the market, the sense of innovation and the speed of innovation lag worrying, product research and development capabilities. And from a global perspective, many development opportunities missed software revolution, the Internet and other related industries in Japan.
    In addition, Japan's resources are scarce, the human cost is also high, with the deepening globalization, the related industries in Japan have to go out, and many aspects of the industry chain to be moved overseas, overseas markets lost technology and competitive advantage in the Japanese electronics industry collective fall due one. Stay in Japan's high-end industrial chain, but also because of the continued appreciation of the yen on the export of a tremendous negative effect on the loss again and again.
    To shift the focus of the initiative to give up
    Perhaps, for the Japanese electronics giant, "disappointing" performance in the field of LCD TV and the whole electronics industry, both the face of fierce competition, helpless, and the upgrading of the industrial structure conversion initiative to give up the ingredients.
    Sony and Panasonic, the two competing rival in the world electronics market for many years was first announced in June of this year to develop high-profit, added value of next-generation organic EL TV technology, expect heating technology and capital with South Korea fight high and low. Japanese electronics giant industry to shift the focus of the evidence also revealed. Sony actively approached Olympus accounting scandals and a huge loss, desire to cooperate to obtain the latter is the world's first medical endoscope technology, thereby strengthening the medical business. Panasonic also pay more attention to the development of solar cells and other energy-saving environmental protection industry, new energy industry as the focus of future development, and has committed to carry out the business of a new generation of environmentally friendly "smart community" related to the efficient use of energy; Sharp as able to weather the storm IGZO for smart phones, will strengthen the development of the next generation of small and medium-sized liquid crystal display technology.
    Opinion, whether it is active or helpless for the electronics industry has led the trend driven by the high-speed development of the Japanese economy, now the plight of the verge of collapse, business restructuring and industrial restructuring in order to obtain the means of survival. The poor are changed, change the pass, perhaps as previous industrial upgrading in Japan, the Japanese electronics industry will survive in the crisis development.

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