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Weak demand in the global PV module prices decline

According to the the IHS company's solar photovoltaic (PV) modules price tracking report, 9 the moonlight-volt modules price chain fell in all regions of the world, only the EU due to the appreciation of the euro against the dollar, while it seems unaffected.
    In the Chinese market, the average price of solar booster cables modules in September was $ 0.592, which is the lowest in the world price; in the Japanese market, the average price is $ .843, which is the highest in the world price level. The average price of the other areas in between. U.S. market price is between the average price in September was $ .714. Three September prices were lower than in August,
    By contrast, in September, the EU market, the price of photovoltaic modules battery clip remains at $ 0.645, the same as in August. The price on this surface stability, however, is actually due to the exchange rate: completely because of the tow rope euro against the U.S. dollar appreciated by 2.2% during this period. In fact, if denominated in euro, the EU PV module prices will decline. EU to escape the global trend of falling prices, but because of the weak dollar-denominated.
    The photovoltaic module is constituted by the interconnected solar cells, these batteries are sandwiched between glass or plastic plates the surrounding air border, and then mounted on the roof and other places. Any price adjustments on the basis of market price ratchet tie dowm fluctuations will affect the retail market. There are many factors that affect the price changes, including: global supply and demand situation; suppliers to reduce production; government action in the market, such as providing incentives or feed-in tariff will affect demand.
    Overall, polysilicon prices in September dropped sharply, dragged down PV module prices. Module Shipment downturn, high channel inventory, the inventory in the hands of the manufacturer at a high level, many buyers just under the contract to purchase a minimum quantity of polysilicon, or buy from the spot market to drive down the overall cost of the polysilicon.
Due to weak global demand, coupled with production centers in China producing low utilization, leading to additional price cuts, the prices on the Chinese market is the lowest in the world. Was the anti-dumping investigation, the Chinese continued to decrease in shipments out of the European market. Module prices under the combined effects of a variety of factors, the Chinese market was down 3.9% compared with $ .616 in August. The analysis shows that Chinese prices may continue to fall in the coming months fell to $ 0.559. Compared to China, the U.S. market solar module prices in September were down 1.8%, while Japan fell 4.5 percent, reaching a maximum decline.
    The coming months remains bleak prospects for the global PV installed, especially in the major EU market seems to see less than the end of the prosperity. Installation activities of the Chinese market in the fourth quarter is expected to increase, but China has always been the low-price market, and therefore will not necessarily boost the overall module prices.
    EU prices will not maintain a stable surface. IHS predicts that, due to weak demand, the European solar module prices are expected to decline at the end of the year more than 7%, brought in September due to a weaker U.S. dollar and price stability will cease to exist.
    In the remaining time of the year, the decline in the prices of the North American market, the Japanese market, as well as other regions of Canada and the United States is expected to be small. Nevertheless, demand weakness will lead to the seller to the input price competition, resulting in the fourth quarter, the average global solar module prices down further.

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