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Prospective flight attendants after 90 unarmed pulling

www.cnboostercables.comSaying people familiar with the lyrics: "sister your boat head brother go ashore Enenaiai tow rope swing lengthy." May have occurred if a change, "sister" in the position of the tow is what scene?
The afternoon of January 3, Xiang'an new Dianzhen booster cables Sceneway Plaza before being village Hercules Games: two ropes connected to the total weight of more than two tons of automobile, freehand pulling 30 meters, attracted onlookers cheers constantly. The pull 2 car Hercules is not the battery clip mighty Han, but a young beauty dressed more surprised by the audience.
Throw away the tow rope high heels, put on shoes, "Ha!" Heard clear drink rope in front of the first car pulled up straight, thick tires move forward, the back of a car have also followed the move. In front of the two cars, the rope is Le, a color pattern hoodie, hoodies master - 19-year-old Su Gan heron flushed little face, bulging waist, step-by-step ahead Dengzhe. Ultimately, these two cars pulled out 30 meters. In this process, under the supervision of the audience, the car ratchet tie dowm engine has been shut down state.
"I'll try" a bespectacled teenager himself, pulling force of traction rope tied to the car in front, but just the first line in front of the car a little behind the car did not move pattern silk. Then, there are 2 curious tourists walked up and pull the rope together, but the situation remains the same.
Breathing heavily, standing on the end of the Soviet Union, could not rub legs, "the last three meters, the leg with the irrigation of lead-like". "To force" after 90 girls, read the flight attendants professional dream is to be able to become a stewardess. Strong contrast with her ​​emaciated body is amazing explosive power, small Su said: "I was a kid to do farm work when the exercise to change carrot seedlings sand, often pushing the cars of the day."
This people have lamented, the beauty of the new era of the original: "inaugurated catwalk, the fields can plow!"

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