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State Grid titles and captured the national science and technology award for three consecutive years

    January 11, the National Science and Technology Awards Conference held in Beijing. "Real-time simulation of power system digital key technology research, development and application of devices," projects for the 2009 National Science and Technology Progress Award.booster cables This is the State Grid Corporation since 2007, the third consecutive first prize by the National Science and Technology Progress Award. The State Grid 5 projects also won the second prize.

    This good result reflects the national representative network in the major technology research,battery clip innovation and the mass institutional mechanisms for building innovative and outstanding achievements. Through the implementation of "best four" science and technology development strategy and the talent thriving enterprise strategy,tow rope the National Innovation System Network on "big results" support the ability of growing.

    First prize and second prize of the project "for optimal operation of Power Network centralized control system", "Nari bulk power system control technology innovation project",ratchet tie dowm National Network for the first completed units; second prize in the " cross-regional large-scale power grid automation system relay coordination, "" catastrophic structural weakness of land-based control of key technology and engineering "and" deserts, cold regions engineering key technologies of long-distance water supply "project, the National Network for the main units involved.

    National Science and Technology Progress Award is one of five Science and Technology Award, the 2009 award program 282, of which three Grand Prize, first prize of 17, second prize 262.

    "Real-time simulation of power system digital key technology research, development and application of devices" is can be used in network planning, design and operation of a number of professional areas of basic research projects. 8 years research team, developed to simulate the size of the world's first 1,000 sets of generators, 10,000 buses, which can be dynamic simulation of large power grids and local grid simulation of fast electromagnetic transient real-time simulation of large power system devices, access to the new grid of large equipment, power system accident analysis, the actual context of the electrical power control equipment testing, grid operation and planning of (especially large AC and DC hybrid transmission system security and stability and control strategy) and so provide a tools for the safe operation of power has made outstanding contributions. Results of the project with independent intellectual property rights, 3 years total sales income of 3,000 million yuan, investment of 1 billion of savings in the State; expected to further promote the application can save more than 10 billion national investment.

    "For optimal operation of Power Network centralized control system" for the change of our traditional way of reactive power voltage control, help to improve the level and power dispatching automation system stability, security, improve the voltage quality, Loss Reduction. The system is widely used in the Jiangsu Power Grid, and has pushed the 19 provinces (municipalities and autonomous regions) market. The project staff from the frontline of technological innovation, mass innovation activities of the company's fruit.

    "NARI bulk power system control technology innovation project" based on independent innovation, research and industry to establish a mutual support and coordinated development of innovative mechanisms and systems, and achieved a number of major technological breakthroughs, break the foreign monopoly, leading technology and China's power grid control industrial development, protect the network security. Since 2008, technological innovation projects are being incorporated into a major national scientific and technological progress awards range of engineering award. Awards in this area that the construction company to innovative companies as a focal point in the innovation system, innovation and security system has made remarkable achievements.

    Currently, the State Grid Corporation has built a reasonable layout, clear layer clear division of labor, collaboration and efficient technological innovation system. Since 2003, shared the national network of 28 national science and technology awards.

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