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Wuhan International wind energy, wind power technology and equipment exhibition

     Holding time :2010-06-09 to 2010-06-11.

      --- Hubei Province plans to invest 512.85 billion yuan, China's environmental protection industry to create a comprehensive core capital to become an important national development of new energy R &booster cables D base and industrial agglomerations. Among them, the actual wind energy resources can be developed an area of 1664.16 square kilometers area, installed capacity of 3,328,000 kilowatts,battery clip development and utilization potential.

    --- At present, the Wuhan City, solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, smart grid and other new energy industry has taken shape,tow rope with an annual turnover of 300 billion -500 billion. Wind turbine components required for 90% of the processing can be in Hubei, thereby increasing the supporting capacity of localized industrial clusters will scale wind power in Hubei,ratchet tie dowm a good foundation for industrial development.

    --- Xianju wind power farms in Hubei Province (Dawu) started construction in Hubei Province is the largest wind power project. The project is planned total installed capacity of 10 million kilowatts, with a total investment of 10 million.

    The largest wind farm in Hubei Province --- first phase (Icheon City) started at the top of Qiyueshan. Qiyueshan as wind farms are one of the top ten wind field, theoretical potential of wind energy has been tested up to 80 million kilowatts, 50 million kilowatts can be developed, the first phase of a total investment of 546.07 million yuan project, will build 49,300 kilowatts of generation capacity.

    Gathering authority of the wind industry - development of wind energy industry market.

    ? an exhibition area of nearly 15,000 square meters.

    ? 450 exhibiting companies (estimated).

    Scope of Exhibits:

    ? wind turbine: 100W-10KW ,10-50KW ,50-500KW ,500-5000KW ,1-10MW;

    ? equipment and technology: the wind power plant foundation and platform, tower, fan blades, brake system, transmission system, hydraulic system lifting system of motors, bearings, castings, flanges, cable, cable sheathing, security systems, alarms electrical system, gear box oil, gear box, wind and hydraulic pumps, lubricating oil, lubricating systems, electronic components, control systems, wind measuring equipment, measurement techniques, maintenance tools, infrastructure and installation of equipment, corrosion protection, sealing technology, composite materials, auxiliary materials, fastening technology, simulation technology;

    ? Service and consulting: Associations, funds, investment and financing companies, the media, certification and training institutions; wind farm: Wind resource assessment, wind farm design, wind farm construction and wind farm management; electricity grid operator investment and advisory services ; and the network, transmission, installation and maintenance consulting services.

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