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Ningbo EU exports worth millions of dollars in blocked

    Export products from Ningbo, a total of 102 cases notified by the EU. Tellingly, not all of these cases is due to quality problems caused by the product itself, of which, 8 from the case turned out to be the cause of failure identified export products.booster cables This 8 from the case, the value of a million dollars exports were recalled, or returned. Recently, exports of Ningbo at the Forum informed of the situation identified,battery clip led us identify the problem of close attention.
    Ningbo enterprises frequently fall in the label.

    More related to the mechanical and electrical products, personal and property safety of users of identity is very strict and specific requirements.tow rope The marking of Ningbo enterprises mistakes committed by the majority concentrated in the mechanical and electrical products. Such as the recent inspection and quarantine departments in the Danish export of a number of electronic boxes for cold and warm tests found that the lack of product nameplate apparatus used in a sign of climate types.ratchet tie dowm In accordance with the relevant provisions of the export products are substandard batch of products must rectification. Individual export companies to expand product sales, virtual standard product identification result, it self-defeating. If a number of export companies in Poland impact drills, marking the rated power of 1650W, which significantly exceeds the GS certification product power rating of 900W. Inspection and supervision personnel to test the product and found that the load is far less than 1650W. Experts pointed out that the virtual standard power electronic products, it is easy to mislead users, resulting in normal operation of the motor temperature exceeded, leading to equipment use burned. In addition, the parameters of virtual standard power tools, refrigerators and so on volume of vacuity has happened the past two years. Last year, Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine Bureau on the export of electrical appliances for the laboratory type testing, the failed batches failed, 64% identified the phenomenon exists.

    Ningbo enterprises identified in the other categories of export products has fallen on the planting of many. A group of Dutch export composition girls skirt mark is 100% cotton, while the actual test result is that the relevant departments of cotton 77.5%, 22.5% polyester. Originally, the company did not provide the material composition testing to provide customers with a product identification. Identification errors on the toys is to occur. Last year, Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine, light industrial products test center were detected in more than 100 batches of substandard exports of toys, including as many as 74% of failed batches failed identification problem exists. Some SMEs are not only identified the problem, "tripping", some well-known because of the large enterprises have identified the expense of experience. Ningbo has a well-known electronics company to customer requirements in a number of OEM products branded TUV certification mark. Unexpectedly, the client was not passed the certification. The TUV inspection company in the business, happened to find TUV certification mark affixed to the batch. Lesson is clear: These products are not exported, product identification destroyed.

    According to reports, exit signs on the error, sometimes not only damage their own interests, but also affected the industry as a whole.

    Identify the export of goods "passport."

    What is identity? China's "Product Marking Regulations" made this explanation: "used to identify products and their quality, quantity, characteristics, properties and use various representations made collectively, you can use text, symbols, numbers, patterns, and Other materials such as instructions that can be trademarks, nameplate labels, etc. can also be a certification mark. "" Quality "is made of more specific identification of the contents of the statement:" According to the characteristics and requirements, indicating Product specifications, grade, major component of the name and content; need to inform consumers in advance, it should be marked on the packaging, or provide information to consumers in advance; improper use causes damage to the product itself or may endanger the physical, property safety, there should be warning marks or warning statements in Chinese. "

    Product ID is not only legal and regulatory requirements, and indeed an important part of product quality. Li Zhong, deputy director of Ningbo Inspection and Quarantine, said list, on the surface does not affect the product identification to use the product itself, but in fact, the product identity is important to use the product the consumer guide, the wrong identification is inconsistent with the standards, on behalf of is the failure of the product. Product identification and also on the corporate image and a brand.

    For exports, the logo is no doubt that access to international markets a "passport." At present, the world identifies the requirements for increasingly high, and the content becomes richer and more. Such as the European market requirements footwear shoe label must include information on the three parts - upper, lining and the substrate, the soles; EU regulations, from January 1 this year, the exports to the EU's product if the abuse of CE mark will be a hefty fine by the European Union; United States, "Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act" stipulates that does not meet the labeling requirements for traceability of products, will be recalled.

    Good sense of identity reinforcement.

    Small logo, why export enterprises in Ningbo often stumble? Ningbo, a lighting industry leading companies, who in order to save 200 yuan a piece of printing templates, without the use of the product certification mark. Unexpectedly, the certification mark of the products, though not saving money, but gradually little interest, sales fall.

    There is also a well-known apparel companies are identified due to lightly and eat the headaches. At that time, the number of companies look for ways to secure a well-known international brand OEM orders. Unexpectedly, the company did not review the products left customers signage to be posted on the export of garments. Result, these stickers "MADEINKOREA" (Korea) the word export inspection and quarantine department of clothing is a check in the positive, the enterprise has not only delayed the delivery of its credibility.
    The two companies are improving product quality, but ignored the details of product identification, and finally runs the risk. The fundamental cause is not identified on product quality so as to treat seriously.

    According to the inspection and quarantine department survey, 90% of the enterprises in Ningbo did not review the identity of customers to put into use. It is understood that most of Ningbo OEM products exports by overseas customers samples and product identification, Ningbo enterprises organize production according to customer requirements, paste the relevant logo. In this process, the exporters should bear the responsibility of the review identified that, according to China's export criteria and standards of importing countries critical review of the relevant product identification compliance with legal norms and actual products. But the reality is, most business customers outside the product identification accept, like used by almost intact, and some foreign sales even without looking. The reason the one hand, the export enterprises do not know the identity, understanding is not transparent, not familiar with the relevant standards and requirements; the other hand, many export enterprises in the blind trust of overseas customers, overseas customers assume that certain things is no problem. The deep level, that was the importance of their own lack of identity awareness.

    Looking forward to export enterprises in Ningbo logo printed this "card", do not blindly pay for this "fee."

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