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smart home features not only traditional residence

The rise of China's smart home industry in the 90s of last century. Compared with ordinary home, smart home features not only traditional residence, will be a number of the original passive rest home into a "smart" tool, providing a full range of information exchange capabilities to optimize people's lifestyles, strengthen family life ... ... even if the security has many advantages, but currently a lot of smart home products practicality is not strong, marketing was not to run smoothly battery clip.

This is the best of times, this is a worst of times. If you summed up our smart home market status, Dickens "Tale of Two Cities" in the famous words should be the most appropriate to the.

The world's richest man, Bill Gates, carefully crafted by people delight in talking about smart home model, became the object of fighting for imitation. However, as part of the user and the intelligent home "close contact", and found the description with the outside world there is big difference. Industry experts believe that manufacturers in order to meet the developer's "taste" not concerned about consumer demand, so product availability is not strong, cost is not high ... ... It is for this reason all the important psychological gap.

Smart Products "mentally handicapped" and let the user experience awkward

"Last year move, I installed the smart security system, intelligent alarm hope to provide security for the whole family. But years ago, family travel, smart alarm rang up somehow, but no elimination of alert for several days, raspy voice quarrel neighbors no peace, property companies had to recall my early. At this point, I greatly reduced the impression of the intelligent home ", who lives in a luxury apartment Wangjing very fact that the author complained. In her view, smart home products despite the high technological content, but the remote monitoring, family background music systems operate more trouble, intelligence is out of the question.

Product availability is not strong is the industry's indisputable fact. I found in the survey, intelligent home systems include remote management, time control function, looks good, but many of the system not be able to play a role. Some systems lack the support of other industries, there can not be applied in real life, the remote control is a typical example. This service through the Internet, telephone and other terminal equipment and household appliances in the user set up a communication between the platform, allowing users to maintain at any time with the electrical "contact." Even away from home users, but also open the air-conditioning, close the water heater. But now there is no mobile operators together with the intelligent home manufacturers to carry out the corresponding value-added services. By various objective factors, smart home remote management services are only a distant dream Bale.

Last year in November, experts at the eighth China International Housing Industry Exhibition, the talk about the development of intelligent home, said some domestic manufacturers to network intelligent home control, automation, remote monitoring technologies mature or immature patchwork up into a high-tech "hodgepodge." This product does not take into account the realities of the outside, nor take into account the real needs of users, making user needs and the gap between product features, difficult to obtain consumers.

To meet the developers, from the real needs of

Blind pursuit of high-tech smart home in a long time been criticized by people in the world, companies have a feel. However, in the real estate developers hold up "half the sky" era, most businesses will be developer's "taste" on the top priority.

I visited Changsha smart home products of several franchised stores and found that intelligence products are expensive, a switch price 198 yuan, an electric curtains opening and closing 1,400 yuan, 2,418 yuan fingerprint door locks, installation of multi-functional as one set the cost of the smart home, often 30,000 yuan to 15 million a year.

High prices in the smart home and consumer erected a "wall", but its high-tech, high prices are exactly the characteristics of real estate developers to use up, transforming itself into a high-end residential value-added, to attract eyeballs a means.

Industry experts said the real estate industry continues to heat up in recent years, many property developers to enhance the value of housing, greater income, often in high-end villas and other residential projects, large numbers of the introduction of smart home products, to create a Pipi "Intelligent Community", "smart home." Real estate developers in the purchase of smart home products to low-volume purchase, the price is several times higher than the cost, and then sold to consumers, get high returns. Changsha business intelligence products, Mr. Chen told the author that home to the large-scale purchases are well-funded large-scale real estate enterprises, they complete a one-time purchase of the number of smart home systems are 10 sets, amounted to several hundred thousand dollars; By contrast, retail small number of systems sold as a single product or system of parts, not the amount, not much room for profit.

Economists believe that the decision of the products to the market demand. In the face of huge demand for real estate developers, a large number of networked, intelligent, multi-functional high-end smart home products came into being, its products and is the direct consequence of the distance between the user needs more and more distant. Industry analysts said that China's smart home technology has lead the world, but these new products to meet the developer's mental, detached from the realities and user needs, and many fancy features and convenience of smart home to pursue original, high goals departure, resulting in unnecessary waste of resources, it is difficult to get rid of Smart-loved home repeatedly embarrassing situation.

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